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<nettime> NameSpace ( banned from mail delivery

[I discovered this yesterday (monday) after trying to send a mail to 
a friend (his actual mail-address is at Humboldt University Berlin, 
obviously subscribed to this mail-abuse-"service"):

<<< 550 Mail from rejected; inform your mail provider or 
554 <>... Service unavailable

Reporting-MTA: dns;
Received-From-MTA: DNS;
Arrival-Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2000 02:16:10 -0400 (EDT)

I'm not sure if NameSpace solved this, since today the mails didn't 
bounce. BTW, my address too is a relay address at NameSpace and I 
don't have any delivery faults at all. But this is another fac.

OK, I think this is interesting to know.




If you are an end-user, and have received a bounce message telling 
you to refer to the RBL for more information, please be aware that 
the ISP or site that you are sending to will not accept your mail. 
They have voluntarily subscribed to the MAPS Realtime Blackhole List. 
This list is composed of IP addresses that are known to have 
generated SPAM or Unsolicited Commercial Email, or provide SPAM 
support services. More information about the project, and what it 
does, is available. Note that the RBL does not, in any way, affect a 
user's email address, or DNS name. Only the IP address of the machine 
is involved.

Please contact your local administrator, or ISP technical support 
center, and refer them to We will be happy to 
assist them in getting their IP address off the RBL. This usually is 
as simple as installing a software update to the mail software on 
your server. You, as an end user, have not been singled out in any 

Copies of mail that prompted inclusion on the Blackhole list can be 
found by following the links for the blackholed addresses below.

If you would like to learn how to get your IP address removed from 
the list, please send email, or call +1 650 779-7002.

	Entry	Last modified	Sun Apr 16 08:37:11 2000 PDT
Sat Apr 15 18:27:34 2000
Subject: Re: please remove our server from your list!
Date: Sat, 15 Apr 2000 20:29:24 -0500
From: Al Iverson <>
To: NameSpace Admin <>
References: <>

>  We choose to
>  operate an open relay

That's perfectly fine. That's your choice. We also have our own choice.
Our choice is to list your server on our list because you choose to run
an open relay even after spam has routed through it. It would seem that
no further discussion on this issue is possible.

Because you are readily indicating your unwillingness to address your
spam relay problem, please note that I'm going to nominate your server
to the MAPS RBL. More information about the MAPS RBL is available at

Al Iverson

NameSpace Admin wrote:
>  Hello,
>  Your "service" has listed our server
>  in your "spam abuse" list.
>  Your extortive demand that we close down our
>  "spam" relay is over-reaching.  We choose to
>  operate an open relay and have done so for
>  years, for the convenience of our mobile
>  clients who wish to use it.  There has only
>  been, to my knowledge, ONE incident of abuse
>  in all of that time, possibly by a malicious
>  party whose aim it was to get our server banned.
>  The offending addresses related to the sender
>  of the abusing mail has been black-holed on our
>  firewall and all messages have been removed from
>  our queue.  They have also been reported to their
>  upstream providers.  That is OUR job to do so,
>  We have a strict anti-spam policy and respond
>  as quickly as practical to any incident.  We do
>  not believe, however that one incident justifies
>  curtailing services for our many legitimate and
>  responsible users, ESPECIALLY BY YOU!
>  While it may be that the current laws do not
>  recognize ISPs as common carriers, the laws do
>  not give you the authority to extort any ISPs
>  or others to comply with YOUR preference for
>  setting up servers.  Your list is a disservice
>  to all since it publishes open relays so that
>  people can ABUSE them.  You are not helping
>  anything by your practices, and you are harming
>  many legitimate users of open relays.
>  Remove us from your list immediately!  And DO
>  NOT tell us how to run our services!
>  Name.Space Admin


Al Iverson                       Mail Abuse Prevention System, LLC 

Wed Apr 12 09:00:12 2000

Return-Path: <>
Received: (qmail 6033 invoked from network); 12 Apr 2000 15:02:14 -0000
Received: from (
by with SMTP; 12 Apr 2000 15:02:14 -0000
Received: from Uu01bwB0W ( [])
by (8.8.8/8.8.8) with SMTP id LAA28032;
Wed, 12 Apr 2000 11:00:24 -0400 (EDT)
DATE: 12 Apr 00 9:57:14 AM
Message-ID: <vURl4ZOqV6t>
Received: From by;Wed, 12 
Apr 2000 9:57:14 -400 (EDT)

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to be removed from this list

-- end of submission -------------------------------------------------

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