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<nettime> UW Conference: "Regulating the Internet: EU and US Perspectives"

At long last we have the final program for next week's conference on
internet regulation.  You kindly volunteered to circulate it.  Please find
an announcement below.  

Thank you for your help.

Richard B. Kielbowicz                             School of Communications
Associate Professor                                             Box 353740
(206) 543-2388 (direct to office)                 University of Washington
543-2660 (main office; leave message)                    Seattle, WA 98195

"Regulating the Internet: EU and US Perspectives"--a public conference at
the University of Washington, April 27-29.

The conference, with a keynote address by Washington Attorney General
Christine Gregoire, features sessions on e-commerce, protecting children
from harmful content, journalistic freedom, data privacy, and the digital

A description of the conference, and the program listing topics and
speakers, can be found at the end of this announcement.

This conference is free and open to the public.  No pre-registration is

The conference is sponsored by the European Union Center of Seattle; the
University of Washington School of Communications; the Center for Law,
Commerce and Technology at the UW School of Law; and the Institute for
International Policy.

To request disability accommodation, contact the Office of the ADA
coordinator at least ten days in advance of the event. 206-543-6450
(voice), 206-543-6452 (TDD), 206-685-3885 (fax) or access@u.washington.edu

For further information, please contact the European Union Center at 
616-2415 or email <euc@u.washington.edu> or visit the website at



The EU and US are each groping to find an appropriate measure of
regulation for the Internet--appropriate, that is, for their distinct
legal and cultural traditions.  Some observers suggest that an inherently
transnational medium such as the Internet demands that different
jurisdictions harmonize their regulations.  But how important is
regulatory convergence, especially for the EU and US? 

This conference, with participants from the United States, Europe and
Canada, will examine the legal and cultural traditions that shape Internet
policies on both sides of the Atlantic.

Scholars--drawn from the fields of law, communications, and political
science--will present the results of their research, while policymakers
and representatives from industry and citizens groups will share their
views on regulating the Internet.



7:00pm-9:00pm (Walker Ames Room, Kane Hall) 
Keynote Address by Washington State Attorney General Christine Gregoire
Paula Selis, Senior Counsel, Attorney General of the State of Washington 
Reception to follow 

 (HUB 106B) 

8:30am -9:00am Coffee and Introductions 

1.  Opening lecture on EU & US policies on regulating the Internet 
9:00am - 10:00am 

Shalini Venturelli, Professor of International Communication , American
"Inventing E-Regulation in the EU and the US: Structural Barriers to
Regulatory Convergence" 

2.  Online Data Privacy: Practices and Policies 
10:15am - 12:15pm
Professor Ken Rogerson, Research Director, Center for Communications and
and Jared Strauss, PhD Candidate, Duke University
"Online Privacy Policies in the European Union and the United States" 

Professors Kim Sheehan and Tim Gleason, Dean, School of Journalism and
Communication, U of Oregon, Eugene 
"Online Privacy: Internet Advertising Practitioners' Knowledge and

Marie Aglion, Attorney, Perkins Coie LLP 
"Bridging the Gap: Privacy in the EU and US"

3.  Issues in Regulating E-commerce 
2:00pm - 3:45pm 

Michael Latzer, Deputy Director, Research Unit for Institutional Change &
European Integration, Austrian Academy of Sciences:  "European eCommerce
Regulation: An Example for the Transformation of Statism in the
Mediamatics Sector" 

Volker Leib, Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies, Cologne,
"ICANN-EU CAN'T: Internet Governance and Europe's Role in the Formation of
the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)" 

Lilliana Biukovic, Adjunct Professor of European Union Law, U British
Columbia, Vancouver 
"Unification of Cyber-Jurisdiction Rules: How Close are the EU and USA." 

Professor Geraint Howells, Professor of Law, University of Sheffield, UK 
"Consumer Protection on the Internet." 

4.  Protecting Children from Harmful Internet Content 
4:00pm - 5:30pm
Richard Swetenham, European Commission's Information Society Directorate
"Illegal and Harmful Content on the Internet - the EU Approach" 

David Horn, Assistant Attorney General for Consumer Protection, Seattle 

 (Walker Ames Room, Kane Hall) 
5.  Internet Acess and Civic Participation
9:00am - 10:30am 

Professor Jan Servaes, Free University of Brussels, on the historical
context of media and democracy in the EU
Professors Barrie Axford and Richard Huggins, Oxford Brookes University,
"Crossing the DigitalDivide: Regulatory Policy in the EU and
Inclusive/Exclusive Models of Citizenship"
Professor Michel Berne, Institut National des Telecommunications
(France) and Michigan State University
"Internet Access in the EU and the US"

6.  Traditions of Press Freedom and Internet Journalism 
10:45am - 12:15pm
Kari Huus, International News Reporter, MSNBC.com 

Bob Sullivan, Technology News Reporter, MSNBC.com 

Steve Tapia, Senior Corporate Attorney, Microsoft Corporation 

Conference Organizers 

Richard Kielbowicz, Associate Professor 
School of Communications, University of Washington 

Anita Ramasastry, Assistant Professor 
School of Law, University of Washington

European Union Center
University of Washington
Box 353650
Seattle, WA 98195-3650
Phone: (206) 616-2415
Fax:   (206) 616-2462

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