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<nettime> pavu.com webby rewards : vote for moma or popa - [ http://www.pavu.com/elliott-moma-and-popa/index.shtml ]

[ sorry for cross postings / as usual ;) ]

"Childhood ends always with unravelled desires."

This is why pavu.com had launched a sfmoma/webby awards special
communication pad : the Elliott moma and popa. 

"For love to be expressed, for separation not to become a borderline Say
what you never dared to say and feel free to choose.  Today Let MOMA and
POPA make your day !" 

Due to complaints from sfmoma/webby awards jury members for "lobbying" and
"spamming" which resulted in DOS warnings from our ISP, pavu.com was
forced to remove the i-Booster moma and popa oedypus rex its main
communication functionnalities.

This disqualifies this tactical communication pad for the use it was
created and brings the debate on to what can be tolerated as art or not on
the Internet. 
Keeping on with this double-bind issue, we have decided to let you express

Be sure of your choice, one vote per browser ! 

The result of the vote will be made public on may 11th. 

vote and follow the results at

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