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<nettime> synthetic resistance

I guess the question which all this unreal topic poses can be formulated as
whether or not a passive bot is equivalent to a pacifist, and whether or
not you can use multiuser environments as contemporary "tongs." The first
part of it is simple: bot is an achiasm.  It already implies blending an
electronically sedated body of the user with a preprogrammed polygonal
mesh.  While civil disobidience repositions, restructures activity of the
body: it is either placed where it is not supposed to be placed or it
functions in a different way, whatever it does it sends a message to the
other bodies to switch from this or that program by presenting a set of
alternative reactions.  In Unreal or any other immersive environment it
would be a little naive to try to deprogram users using default pattern of
reactions borrowed from the existing program.  Now we come to the second
part, because in order to deprogram unreal users one would have to extend
frames of interaction within this or that environment to the extent that a
discourse like pacifism or nihilism can fit in.  Now it is just filtered
out, or if i can put it this way balanced out by the video game.

Here in basicray we are working hard on bringing to all of you extended
environments.  We expect to have the first results by the end of the summer.

vladimir muzhesky


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