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Re: <nettime> pacifism in video games

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Envoyé : vendredi 14 avril 2000 05:50
Objet : Re: <nettime> pacifism in video games

> How misguided.
> Civil disobedience and pacifist action only works in the context of making
> the violent and repressive forces ashamed of their own actions.  By
> sitting and meditating in UT fragspaces, all you do is provide easy
> targets and ways to increase their ngStats.
> Even if it was for more of an artistic reason than a social one, it's
> still hollow.

==>  it was our first artistic action in video games.most significant is to
do it .

> Who's going to know it's art?  Who's going to care?

==> me i know it's's my first goal.

> Now, if you managed to get together a group of say 100 or so people
> playing UT who all signed on to public servers at the same time, with
> coordinated skins and actions, you could do something that people would
> notice.  They might not even blow you away.

==>people can follow this was the goal of my post in nettime.
you  can do anything in a videogames like on a canvas.
soon i'm going to draw on a wall with my machine gun...

> They might even play along.
> I think that THAT'S a good idea.  People interested in doing this- for art
> and NOT to Stop The Violence- should drop me a line.

==> you can do this for art and to stop the violence too.
 you can do anything in video games.

amicalement  bobig  (sunday artist)

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