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<nettime> Lease Termination Notice to Public Netbase

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Below you will find our comments on the termination of the Public Netbase
lease in Vienna's Museumsquartier. 

We would like to thank you for your many declarations of solidarity and
support, and we ask you to continue showing your encouragement.  We cannot
accept - and still do not believe - that the new government and its
policies can dictate that contemporary innovative art practice should be
banished from the Viennese Museumsquartier, the self-described "Emerging
Central Venue for Contemporary Art and Culture". 

We do believe that - especially now under the current political situation,
more than ever - free and independent media, art and its infrastructures
are extrememly important.  Therefore, we will maintain our function as an
internet access provider as well as our work in the Museumsquartier, from
where we serve as a platform that interweeves art, technology, science and
politics, as long as possible. 

That is why your support is so very important - both symbolically as well
as literally.  To support our cause we ask you to send an email or
letter/fax to the addresses I have included below.  Nice letterheads and
elegant wording do impress these people (some of which are our supporters,
others who are not) and it certainly helps to show the international
support to have Netbase stay in the museumsquartier and possibly get more
space to offer even better services to the public. 

For the Public Netbase Team,

Marie Ringler

_____PRESS RELEASE April 11, 2000_____

Lease Termination Notice Served to Public Netbase in the Museumsquartier.

Public Netbase has been notified that the lease for its premesis in the
Museumsquartier will be terminated. This action threatens to bring an end
to the internationally successful achievements of one of Europe's most
respected media-culture institutions. 

That is because, in Austria, the clock ticks with a different beat.  In
Europe, development and expertise in the field of new media receives a
broad base of support.  But here in Austria, Public Netbase - a successful
model of expertise, skill and mediation - is nearly at its end after years
of successful work and achievement;  after serving as a internet service
provider in 1, 200 important art and cultural projects. 

The step taken by the Museumsquartier Errichtungs- und Betriebsges.m.b.H
(the organization responsible for building and maintenance of the
Museumsquartier)  threatens any further development of an important,
innovative cultural center in Vienna.  Moreover, it confirms all of the
fears and criticism that have been expressed about the Museumsquartier
since its own beginning. 

Austrian cultural policy and administration obviously has no interest in
creating or securing conditions for free and active cultural activities
and development.  Despite - or perhaps even because of ? - the
indisputable international, and even national, recognition of Public
Netbase, the existence of all organisations like ours is under serious


Service-Discourse-Mediation in the Museumsquartier. 

Since 1994, Public Netbase in the Museumsquartier has developed from a
small, active cultural project into one of Europe's most respected
media-culture institutions. 

Embedded in a tight Austrian and European network, Public Netbase focuses
on work that lies on the cutting edge of technology and art. This is shown
through our successful activities, projects and events in the
Museumsquartier as well as throughout Europe - such as the New Media
Projects of the cultural capital Brussels 2000. 


Through several years of discussions with the Museumsquartier Errichtungs-
und Betriebsgesm.b.H., Public Netbase was planned as an essential and
integral part of the new Museumsquartier. After extensive negotiations,
not only was the presence of Public Netbase secured, but so was the
substantial expansion and development of new media. 

In the summer of 1999, we had to accept with great regret that even though
it already had been financed, our Media-Space in the Museumquartier's Oval
Hall H would be replaced by the presentation of a model of the
Museumsquartier. Our efforts to find a new solution were not successful -
and have so far resulted in material damages totalling 450.000 Euros. 

Despite substantial proposals made by Public Netbase to the
Museumsquartier - based on the skill and expertise of Public Netbase - no
productive solution could been be reached so far. 


On April 5, 2000, the existence of Public Netbase in the Museumsquartier
was thrown into chaos with the serving of the lease termination notice. 
We learned from the notice that the Prekarium (lease) would be cancelled
as of April 2001.  In addition to this, renovations inside the
Museumsquartier would begin in the summer of 2000 - meaning that Public
Netbase work would be severely disrupted long before our lease ended. 

Because the notice of termination does not propose any substitute premesis
for Public Netbase, nor a date for returning to the original one, we must
believe that through the pretext of "necessary renovations", one of the
most successful and valued cultural institutions will lose the base of its

_____EMAIL ADRESSES and FAX NUMBERS of our political contacts_____

please do send us a cc to so we know who received what

Museumsquartier Errichtungs- und Betriebsgesellschaft mbH
Geschäftsführer Dr. Wolfgang Waldner
Museumsplatz 1
A-1070 Wien
Fax: ++43-1-523 58 86

Bundeskanzleramt .kunst
Staatssekretär Franz Morak
Ballhausplatz 1
A-1014 Wien
Fax: ++43-1-53115 2869

Bundesministerin für Bildung, Wissenschaft und Kultur
Elisabeth Gehrer
Minoritenplatz 5
A-1014 Wien
Fax: ++43-1-533 77 97

Bürgermeister der Stadt Wien
Dr. Michael Häupl
A-1082 Wien
Fax: ++43-1-4000 99 81115

Stadtrat für Planung und Zukunft Vizebürgermeister Dr. Bernhard Görg
A-1082 Wien
Fax: ++43-1-4000 99 81400

Stadtrat für Kultur Dr. Peter Marboe
Friedrich-Schmidt Platz 5
A-1082 Wien
Fax: ++43-1-4000 99 81160

Stadträtin für Finanzen, Wirtschaftspolitik und Wiener Stadtwerke
Mag. Brigitte Ederer
A-1082 Wien
Fax: ++43-1-4000 99 81200

marie ringler
public netbase media~space!
institute for new culture technologies/t0
museumsplatz 1
a-1070 vienna, austria
fon: +43 1 522 18 34
fax: +43 1 522 50 58
mobile: +43 664 424 01 73

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