Nadja Franz on Wed, 12 Apr 2000 17:36:56 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> thank you!

Thanks to all the nettimers who answered my call for partizipation!

Don't waste time........have a look!

----THE_TIMEBROKER----------ISSUE #2------------OUT NOW!!!--------

The online magazine & forum about time and zeitgeist in context
with arts and culutre.

What's new:

The question and answer #2 is about the feeling for time on the net -
also answers from the President of Swatch (coming up the next days).

We focused on educational topics in this issue.

There also is an interview with Such a Surge -
                                             last issues soundfile.

Furthermore we are lucky to announce a new collaboration with!

We still work on our HTML-Version hoping to present it soon!

                                             Next issue May 2000.

Become part of the timebroker
community and discuss in the time_chat,
trade your time, read the hottest articles,
listen to music or sign on the mailnglist.

Download the full documentation about
THE_TIMEBROKER in the archive!

ISSN 1615-2913

----THE_TIMEBROKER----------ISSUE #2------------OUT NOW!!!--------

fraufranz konzept & design
Kanalstr. 42
24159 Kiel

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