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<nettime> Do not be afraid my friend

Dear Sir

I agree with certain of  Bishop's fears from the Internet activity. 
Like all other  developments, there is that which has the potential for
good, and that which has the potential for evil.  There is in the internet
the potential for destroying ourselves. 
However the fear to stop the social and live interaction is obvious. At
this point I would told you the ancient Hellenic Delphic rule: <PAN METRON
ARISTON > that means ' the moderate path'. We must not be excessive. We 
must use it as a tool of facilitating our life-like the telephone-and not
as a means to subjugate us.
The loss of social skills can be substituted by the environmental and
ecological works as well as by the athletics activities e t c. 
Therefore, I do not think that the Internet will destroy the society. On
the contrary, with the broad disemination of information the human beings
will increase the self-concsience,  solidarity, frienship,  mutual
knowledge  , common interest and the ecumenical spirit of brothership and
The only fear I have is lest they impose a dogmatic control-like that of 
ECHELON-in the Internet and blocks the exchange of free ideas in the name
of different pretenses.
If they could impose this kind of control it is certain that the woiuld
result in a totalitarian siciety. But I am optimistic that nobody can do
that for a long time. Democracy was installed for everbefore 2.500 years.



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