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Fw: <nettime> Letter from Pristina

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Subject: Re: <nettime> Letter from Pristina

 I don't want to participate in the game who-has-suffered-most, a game which
 is never ending in Balkans. Amnesty International, Helsinki Watch, UN
 Commission for Human Rights, etc, they all have their reports from Kosovo
 covering the years since Milosevic came to power. These reports will show
 anyone who has open eyes the evil system of apartheid, Milosevic has applied
 in Kosovo during last 10 years. As for your ridiculous insistence that there
 are no proofs of Serbian atrocities in Kosovo, I will leave the matter and
 the argumentation to the Hague War Crime Tribunal. It has already indicted
 most of your leaders for genocide and crimes against humanity. I don't have
 anything to add to that, other than to suggest you to take a trip inside
 Kosovo. What you'll see are good enough proofs of why exactly have your
 leaders been indicted.

 Mrs. Doncheva,
 I have no more wish or strength to reply to your rather hateful emails.  You
 are apparently one of those brain-washed and brain-dead nationalists. I
 will, however,  give you an advice: please when you write to public
 audiences at least try not to sound like some crazy Slav nationalist. You
 are only confirming the prejudices the world got about you guys from the
 stupid Hollywood movies.

 I am not going to continue this specific debate with you anymore. I will be
 open, as always, to participate in any other discussions about Kosovo in
 this forum.


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