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   c o n s t r u c t o r
   what is constructor?
   constructor animates and edits two dimensional models made out of 
   masses and springs
   springs can be controlled by a wave to make pulsing muscles
   models can be constructed that bounce, roll, walk etc, try some of 
   the ready made models or try to build your own
   how to load a model
   select a model name from the "load model..." drop down menu
   the simulation will start automatically
   press "clear" to erase the model
   how to build your own models
   select "construct" mode from drop down menu
   select free mass or fixed mass (fixed masses can be dragged but do 
   not move due to other forces)
   click in main window to create masses or points
   click once on a mass to start drawing a line, click on a second mass 
   to make a link
   to cancel drawing a link right-click or click on the origin of the 
   link (=double click)
   drag to move masses
   to delete masses or links select "delete" from drop down menu and 
   click on masses or links
   how to animate models
   select "simulate" from drop down menu
   you can drag masses while the simulation is running
   modify gravity, friction and strength of springs using the G, F & K sliders
   how to use muscles (see key to the right)
   select the link you want to turn into a muscle by clicking on it in 
   the main window (a black blob on its mid point shows if it is 
   its correspond muscle control bar in the control panel will go black
   drag this bar up to the wave portion to make it expand and contract 
   according to its position on the wave
   to make the wave move select "forward" "reverse" or "auto reverse" 
   from the drop down menu while in "simulate" mode
   by placing muscles at different points along on the wave you can 
   make walking models (it's rather tricky though)
   Drag the wave to the left to reduce its amplitude
   constructor control panel key
   constructor news
   we like you too. constructor has had an explosion of hits lately, 
   soda <../../index.htm>  sends out a big thankyou to all the folks 
   who have been mailing us with nice things to say, we think you're 
   lovely and will reply to you all eventually
   warning! constructor can seriously damage your productivity! it 
   seems that some of you have been playing with constructor for hours. 
   we regret that soda <../../index.htm>  can accept no liabilty for 
   loss of earnings incurred while building constructor creatures
   the campaign to save constructor. lots of you have asked us if you 
   can save your constructor models. we're working on it, but be 
   patient, soda <../../index.htm>  likes to play, but we can't play 
   all day! we hope to have an update for you sometime next month
   last updated 29.03.00, stay tuned for more constructor updates

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