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<nettime> Artbyte 2000

Well folks, here's another brief missive from the Dj Spooky Ministry 
of Information.... like I always say... it goes on and on with the 
kickdrum, this ain't no re-run...

Has the recent police violence in NYC got you down? How about 
electro-magnetic pollution, genetically engineered foods, and net 
design? Just back from France where I shared a bill with jazz legend 
Abbey Lincoln and the Chicago Art Ensemble... and of course, the good 
old U.S. of A. is as crazy a place as ever...
Which brings me to:
Well, here's some info to check out

Artbyte: yes, yes, y'all.... at a circulation of 40,000 and growing...
with more editors of Color than Freize, the Wire, and Artforum combined....
the new issue of Artbyte, as can be expected, has all sorts of Ultra 
Diverse and cutting edge situations in the mix: An a cover feature 
article by Bruce Sterling on Biomorphic design, an interview with 
Mexican philosopher, and author of the classic "War in the Age of 
Intelligent Machines," Manuel Delanda, on his most recent book, "1000 
Years of Non-Linear History," a sign-off by NYU's Cultural Studies 
Don, Andrew Ross, based on a remix of Jonathan Swift's "A Modest 
Proposal," and a host of other situations.... and if you haven't 
heard, we're even helping to put together events....  Stuff like last 
weekends extravaganza for the Miami Winter Music Festival in 
conjunction with Grey Multi-Media where several thousand young folks 
came to check out the likes of hip-hop legend Jeru tha' Damaga, top 
cut-n-mix artists straight outta of a situation as vivid as William 
S. Burroughs or Ishmael Reed could dream up, "the Invisible Skratch 
Picklz," Dee-Lite's Towa Tei, and a host of other diverse electronic 
musicians and artists, or the upcoming Webby Awards where Artbyte is 
helping put together some of the awards situations as an event, will 
be what's going on over the next several months... There's alot more 
to come on that front, so stay tuned. I don't want to have a long 
letter so I'll keep the rest brief:

Art stuff:
....more multi-cultural than the Sound Art shows going on at The 
Hayward curated by David Toop (Rap Attack 3... but hey... no hip-hop 
in the show, eh?) , or the Sound and Light Show at Oxford, the 
"Noise: The Digital And It's Discontents" has finally finished its 
run at Cambridge and the Whipple Museum of the History of Science" 
BUT you can check out the website at

and there'll be some stuff going up at the Warhol Museum in 
Pittsburgh (yep, he was a closet turntablist, and this is a 
collaboration between the living and the dead...)
A collaboration between me and Bernard Tschumi, the architect who 
authored the classic "Event Cities" that will premier at Collumbia 
University and migrate to the Venice Biennial for Architecture this 

and then again, there's the the new project between yours truly and 
Scanner called "The Quick and The Dead," another slammin' join from 
the cutting edge of MULTI-CULTURAL ELECTRO-MODERNITY in all quality 
stores, as part of the new Sulphur record label that Scanner is 
putting together...
It's Konceptual ART dammit!

Writing Stuff:
Here's some of my recent articles etc etc
and then there's the, uh, literary side of things:
recent articles:
An interview with Kool Keith a.k.a. Dr. Octagon a.k.a. Black Elvis 
a.k.a. Dr. Dooom in the recent issue of Index Magazine

An interview coming up in the Harvard University Law Journal as the 
end product of a conference featuring the likes of the Electronic 
Frontier Foundation's John Perry Barlowe (who some of you might know 
from his songwriting for the Greatful Dead...), and Public Enemy's 
Chuck D on the future of music on-line...

a live discussion on literary aspects of mix-culture at

and a column alongside David Byrne (you know.... the Talking 
Heads...) and American Indian film-maker, Alexi Sherman coming soon 
at somewhere in the multiverse of contemporary 
digital cut-culture...

There's alot more but that's all I can remember off the top of my 
head....concerts, festival appearances, lectures etc etc... Last but 
not least here's the Dj Spooky Playlist for the months of April/May:
>ILLogical Progression:
>Dj Spooky that Subliminal Kid's Playlist for the meta-mixdown zone.
>Discs in serious rotation for the boogie-down break-beat zone 
>March/April 2000:
>1. Lawrence D. "Butch" Morris with the ORT-Orchestra della Toscana,
>"Holy Sea" Conductions 57,58,59, Splac(H) records
>2) Compilation, The Temple of Hip-Hop Kulture, "Criminal Justice:
>  From Darkness to Light," Reprise Records
>3) Best of the Moog, Electronic Pop Hits from the '60's and 70's,
>Disinformation/Razorfish/Loud Records
>4) Dr. Dre featuring Snoop Dogg, Still D.R.E., Aftermath/Universal Records
>5. Dj Spooky that Subliminal Kid Versus Scanner, "The Quick and The
>Dead," Sulphur Records
>6. Compilation, "Stand Up and Be Counted: Soul, Funk, and Jazz from a
>Revolutionary Era," Harmless Recordings
>7. Ghost Face Killah, "Supreme Clientele," Epic/Razor Sharp
>8. Wendy Carlos, "Switched-On Boxed Set" East Side Digital
>9. Compilation, "Clicks and Cuts" Mille Plateaux
>10. The Scientist, "Dub: Scientist Kils The Millenium Bug," Black
>Solidarity Records
>Bonus Beatz:
>11. Kid Koala, "Carpal Tunnel Syndrome," Ninja Tune


Paul D. Miller a.k.a. Dj Spooky that Subliminal Kid

Editor At Large "Artbyte: The Magazine of Digital Arts"
39 East 78th st
New York, New York
Editorial Office Voicemail: 1-212-340-1264 Office Fax: 1-212-807-1952
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