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<nettime> Prof. Borgmann: _Holding On to Reality_, Prof. Dreyfus & Heidegger

Greetings Lists,

I thought, members might be interested in my recommendations of Prof. 
Borgmann's works --Albert Borgmann, a Professor of Philosophy at
University of Montana, USA..his area of research interests are Philosophy
of Society and Culture, Philosophy of Technology. To his credit, he has
useful books, such as "Technology and the Character of Contemporary Life",
"Crossing the Postmodern Divide", "Holding On to Reality: the Nature of
Information at the Turn of the Millennium". Following, I tried to compile
the useful web-pointers regarding Prof. Borgmann's research works and
publications, Prof. Hubert Dreyfus's research works and Heidegger's works,

-- Following chapters is used by Phil Mullins in his course HUM205, he is
the Chairperson of Communication Studies, Professor of Humanities at
Missouri Western State College--

Notes on Prof. Borgmann's book:Chapter 4: Hypermodernism: "Crossing the
Postmodern Divide" is available at

Notes from the Chapter 1: Closure and Transition- Widespread sentiment
that we live in period of closure and transition: from his book: 
"Crossing the Postmodern Divide" is available at

Notes from the Chapter 2: Modernism: from his book: "Crossing the
Postmodern Divide" is available at

Notes from the Chapter 3: Postmodernism: from his book: "Crossing the
Postmodern Divide" is available at

Notes from the Chapter 5: Postmodern Realism: from his book: "Crossing the
Postmodern Divide" is available at

And, Graphical presentation of Summary of Arguments from his book
"Crossing the Postmodern Divide" is available at


An interview/dialogue with Albert Borgmann and N. Katherine Hayles on
Humans and Machines is available at

An excerpt from the book: "How We Became Posthuman: Virtual Bodies in
Cybernetics, Literature, and Informatics" written by N. Katherine Hayles
is available at <>

A very very interesting paper, 'Highway Bridges and Feasts: Heidegger and
Borgmann on How to Affirm Technology' written by Prof. Hubert Dreyfus and
Dr. Charles Spinosa is available at <>
beginning with "The essence of technology" --In writing about technology,
Heidegger formulates the goal we are concerned with here as that of
gaining a free relation to technology -a way of living with technology
that does not allow it to "wrap", confuse, and lay waste our nature. 

The complete details about his new book: "Holding On to Reality: The
Nature of Information at the Turn of the Millennium" is available at
<> and an
excerpt from his book is available at

Besides his above book, he has also written other books namely, "Crossing
the Postmodern Divide", "Technology and the Chracter of Contemporary
Life". He has also contributed to the books, namely, in "Discovering
Design" edited by Richard Buchanan as a chapter 'The Depth of Design'
written by Prof. Borgmann and in "Technology and the Politics of
Knowledge" written & edited by Andrew Feenberg and Alastair Hannay as a
chapter 'The Moral Significance of the Material Culture' written by Albert

He has also contributed to the book: "Wilderness and the Heart: Henry
Bugbee's Philosophy of Place, Presence, and Memory" edited by Edward F. 
Mooney. The details about the book is available at

The Review of the book: "Technology, Time and the Conversations of
Modernity", by Lorenzo C. Simpson, Routledge, 1995, written by Prof.
Andrew Feenberg is available at

WAY OF THE BOOK OF REVELATION' written John E. Stanley is available at

An article on "Philosophy as a Contributor to Well-Being" written by
Walter B. available at

An interesting essay related to 'How Not to Read Dreyfus' written by Mark
A. Wrathall is available at

About Prof. Borgmann -complete information is available at
<> Prof. Albert
Borgmann is also working as a Board of Directors of 'The International
Association for Environmental Philosophy (IAEP)' details are here at

Books of essays on Heidegger is at

Heidegger Gesamtausgabe <>

Books about Being and Time is at

Books about Deconstruction and Martin Heidegger is at

Books about early Heidegger is at

I hope, you would enjoy the resources related to the great philosophers!
Sincerely Arun Tripathi,
Research Scholar UNI DO, Germany

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