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Genuss Luxus Stil
sstems -ideological milieu

Das "Kapital" von Josef Kramhoeller ist fuenf Jahre
Kuenstlerleben in London. Es handelt vom Lesen eines
Textes durch das Schreiben eines Textes, es
dokumentiert den Zusammenbruch der Autoritaet
von Sprache und Grammatik, es bleiben Reste,
die sich zwischen zwei Sprachen eingenistet haben.
A captivating account of contemporary artpractise.

176 Seiten, 8 Abb, broschiert, DM 22 / £ 8 / $ 13
Permanent Press Verlag, 1999, Koeln, Berlin. ISBN 3-931184-05-6
Vice Versa Vertrieb Europe:

!!---> Josef Kramhoeller praesentiert sein neues Buch am
!!---> 26. Februar 2000, 19 Uhr mit einer Performance
!!---> thematische Buchhandlung PRO qm
!!---> Alte Schoenhauser Str. 48, 10119 Berlin,

Josef Kramhoeller praesentiert sein neues Buch "Genuss Luxus Stil. sstems
-ideological milieu" in einer Auffuehrung von Auszuegen zusammen mit Fabienne
Audéoud und "The Male Nurse".

Fabienne Audéoud gebraucht den Text und beugt ihn, ohne jedoch eine Form der
Interpretation festzulegen. Das britische Bandprojekt ˜The Male Nurse" wird
im Orchestergraben als Geheimtip gehandelt.

The "Kapital" of Josef Kramhoeller is five years of artist's life in London.
It is the reading of a text through the writing of a text.
It speaks about the breaking down of the authority of language
and grammar, what's left over is nesting in between two languages.
Diction gets performed -and is performing.

Eine beunruhigende Zustandsbeschreibung der zeitgenoessischen Kunstpraxis.

176 pages, 8 b&w plates, paperbound. ISBN 3-931184-05-5-6 / £8 / DM 22 / $ 13
available through Vice Versa Vertrieb Europe:

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After announcing the first annual SFMOMA Webby Prize for Excellence in
Online Art, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) and the
International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS) have created
an additional award, the CYBERFEMMY. As the SFMOMA Webby Prize for
Excellence in Online Art aims to honor the innovative work of net
artists of all kinds, the CYBERFEMMY is adressed especially to projects
with an explicit cyberfeminist orientation.

Named for the fastest growing community on the net, the cyberfeminist
movement, the CYBERFEMMY Award will be given each year to an individual
(or group) demonstrating unique vision and commitment to the
transformation of the net culture through cyberfeminist intervention.

An increasing number of women is working in the field of new
technologies, creating the cultural framing of the digital medium as an
experimental area. The broad field of cyberfeminism structures a
collective laboratory of artistic, scientific and political tactics. The

CYBERFEMMY Award has been put up to recognize and encourage
cyberfeminist activities in the on-line medium around the world.

The SFMOMA CYBERFEMMY Award for innovative cyberfeminist work will offer

$ 25,000 to a woman artist, woman theorist or woman activist (or a
group) for a body of work whose primary focus is to be experienced
on-line and that explores and expands the distinctive capacity of the
on-line medium.

Winners will have their work exhibited in a special women only
"" on SFMOMA's new online gallery site, to be launched in
mid-February 2000.

The call for entries will open February 21 and close March 14, 2000.
Winners will be announced, together with the winners of the The WEBBY
Awards 2000, on May 11 in San Francisco. For more information on
guidelines and entry procedures please mail to:

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<!-- [communique en francais plus bas] -->

Today, with's i-Booster Urbi et Orbi, you can connect global to local.
Wherever you're from, the Urbi et Orbi gives you the opportunity to become an
IDF net artist in Paris, capital of the arts.

How ? In just one click at

IDF ? What is ?
IDF is the acronym for Ile-de-France, that is : Island of France where Paris is

With Urbi et Orbi, send your urls and get the IDF net art label !!
Prove you're local, show you're global !!!!
-/ welcome in a plining world ! / -

Aujourd'hui avec l'i-Booster Urbi et Orbi de, vous pouvez connecter le
global au local. D'ou que vous soyez, l'Urbi et Orbi vous offre l'opportunite de
devenir un net artiste IDF a Paris, la capitale des arts.

comment ? En un seul click a

IDF ? C'est quoi ?
IDF c'est l'acronyme de I'Ile de France, ou se trouve Paris.

Avec Urbi et Orbi, envoyez vos urls et beneficiez de l'etiquette net art IDF!!
Prove you're local, show you're global !!!!
-/ bienvenue dans un monde qui pline ! / -

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No thanks Lynne! (However, I'll be sure to list your little event at the
_Museum of Idiot-Net-Art Shills._)

<-- -->

The Net, as you know, is distrustful of old centrist, abusive power

Art is once again about intrinsic poetic vision *not your trite, trendy,
new web-software-showcased, illustrations of the Net as old-artworld
excuse for insular, incestuous, institutionally-validated-pseudo-theory.

The 12hr-ISBN-JPEG Project >>>>              since 1994   <<<<

+ + +       serial
+ + +    eccentric
+ + +   continuous
+ + +   hypermodern
+ + +      imagery

>  News:// ://a.b.p.fine-art.misc
> Mailing-list: / subscribe 12hr-isbn-jpeg
> Reverse Solidus:

 { brad brace }  <<<< >>>>  ~finger for pgp


On Fri, 18 Feb 2000, Lynne Kimura wrote:

>   <<Web award release.2.doc>>  <<Web site redesign 1-00.doc>>

+ burn a museum in your memory

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Tuesday 29 February 7.00 - 9.00pm
Admission Free

Artec in association with the Lux present an introductory evening to the
workings of streaming media. The night will feature presentations by leaders in
the field. This promises to be a very exciting and highly informative event. For
more information contact Artec 020 7687 6060

An evening with…
Friday 3 March

Screenings and a gallery environment of film and sonic experiments show new work
from the leading names in digital art including Tomato, Hammer & Tongs, OS2,
Spike Jonze, Extractor and RomandSon ( Tickets £8, £6
members + concessions include both screenings + admission to the gallery from
9.00. Departure is a preview of the onedotzero festival in late April.

LUX CINEMA SPECIAL OFFER : 'From the Edge of the City': Two tickets for a the
price of one until March 2. To book call 0171 684 0201

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dear Gunafa Netizen,

we are back from berlin/transmediale, ready to start with the next round of
webcasts from the frankfurt headquarter at
 A) Webcast 94 thu, 24.2., 9p.m. cet: freeform multimedia jam session

 B) Webcast 95 fri, 25.2., 9p.m. cet: freeform multimedia jam session

                              check out these realtime compositions !

next webcast : webcast 96 :2.3.00
                       webcast 97 :3.3.00

plus  special ______webcast 100 edition_____ coming soon.

plus  expect an exclusive webcast program during the Art Frankfurt, as well
as  brandnew STR-art products, which will be shown at the fair, as well as
Gunafa Clubbing at Robert Johnson. For one of these webcasts we shall have
professor Bazon Brock as special guest in da house-  live@home im gespraech.

STR  02-2000

STATION ROSE/STR  (Elisa Rose/visuals & Gary Danner/music)
Gunafa Label releases : gun05, gun06,  gun007.
STR is one of the 1st multimedia bands in the world;  online since 91,
doing netart since 1992.
The actual "STReaming_Gunafa_Schedule" & the live-dates can be found at
STR played at Ars Electronica, Transmediale, Viper, Museum Ludwig,
Cyberthon, XS & Ultraschall, le Batofar, the Museum of Applied Arts in
Vienna, to name a few. "Cyberspace  is  Our Land!"

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Dear friends,
              Greetings :)! We send out this Dreamtime Invites(BELOW) with
two things in mind: first, for those of you who don't have a java viewing
in your computers, this edited email version should be easier to read.
Second, Pauline and I have been discussing about our gathering in relation
to the Washington D.C. demo on the 16th, April. Here is what we think:
people can leave early for D.C. if they want; and if you decide that's the
case, please let us know as soon as possible, thanks :). I suggest that

this can be also integrated into our gathering. What I mean is: maybe we
can devote half a day/a day to organize/prepare some type of
performance-protest for those to bring to D.C.; this could be discussed

in the orientation meeting to see how many people are actually interested.

I think some of my friends in California are going to bring a drumming
troupe to D.C. In any case, please feel free to contact either Pauline or
me(or both!)by email. Take care. Peace and love.


                       west lima, WI
                       April 9th -April 16th
          (we realize the last day conflicts with the direct actions/
demonstrations taking place against the world bank/IMF in washington D.C.
peopel are more than welcome to leave early to attend, in fact there might
even be rides leaving from dreamtime.... keep in touch and we'll let you

Dear Friends,
                  In the wake of Spring 2000, we would like to not only

be an active part of our current and future community, but also be aware
of how we are and who we are in this global village. Our goal in this
gathering is to both strengthen our togetherness and to share our
individual creativities with one another. We hope that we all can enjoy
the new millennium, and, like the spring, sprout to a new beginning for
ourselves and for the earth.

:)We invite you to -> a week of workshops , info-sessions, visioning, and
networking with artists, experimental collaborative projects, living and
working co-operatives, anybody interested in art and social issues.

                   WHAT YOU CAN DO:

                 SHOW UP AND PARTICIPATE :)!
         * offer a workshop or information session about
           a individual or collective project you are involved

         * brainstorm this week with others about site-
           specific art-enviromental-ect. projects that
           we can do  to inspire and empower ourselves to
           actualize our ideals in each of our communities.
           anybody interested in learning and sharing their
           skills as performance artist-activist-potters-
           musicians-etc. are welcomed to come up with
           proposals for classes/workshops/presentation-
           discussion(please note the deadline for
           proposals below!).

         *Past Dreamtimers, current residents, people who
          have/haven't experienced a cooperative living in
          a eco-friendly village invited and encouraged to

         *This week we envision Dreamtime Village used
          as a collective living space for working projects.

         Performance arts and pottery will be offered by delphine and
         pauline. Every participant is invited to discuss how art and
         social issues relate to their lives, and what it means in
         today's hyper-tech-media society.  We will give equal
         attention to the process of making art/performance arts/music
         as well as the vibrant discussion in a aesthetical,
         philosophical, and practical level.

      Pauline and Delphine will organize the general framework for the
schedule and facilitate the gathering. Ideally, there would be an equal
amount of time for info shops, craft workshops, and free time. At the end
of march , we are willing to send another email out about the wokshops that
people are offering, so that you know what the schedule will look like.

The orientation meeting on the 8th is crucial for how things really can run
well with everyone's proposal/ideas discussed. So make sure you arrive
before sundown/dinnertime, enjoy the meal we prepare, sleeping
arrangements, and a group meeting/intro. Dreamtime Village houses studios
of all kinds , so let us know if you need the space, materials or tools.

      Delphine: in New York (212) 894-3702 x7509

      Pauline:  in illinois- (217)384-0299

      Dreamtime #: (608)625-4619; or (608)625-2412

on the web:

dreamtime  on the web:

     *If you are interested in offering something please let us know
      BY March 7th(late proposals submitted please contact us for

     *If you are interested in attending please let us know by
      April 1st(the earlier you let us know that, the better we
      can accommodate you)

      Dreamtime asks $8 a day to cover modest housing and very basic
      food supplies such as rice, beans, and flours. Please bring your
      own food for you and for share. We generally cook and eat
      together as part of the collective living experience.

          bedding/sleeping bag/camping equipment if housing gets
          tight or if you would like to camp in Dreamtime's
          premaculture garden, food, literature about your projects to
          share, your artwork, art supplies, and any musical
          instruments for some evening open dance/music jamming

#Dreamtime  Village is trying to raise money to fix the roof of their
"school" building which house most of their studios. Any donations will
be greatly appreciated :)#

TRANSPORTATION: please let us know if you need to carpool or need
directions . we are willing to arrange rides as best we can. If you need to
take a bus, you can take it to Madison, WI, and cars will be arranged to
drive up to Dreamtime from there. Dreamtime is an hour and a half NW of
Madison. Again, the earlier we know of your situation, the better we will
be able to help you


[please spread the word]

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Dear Nettimers,

We have launched some time ago the web site of the International Small Press
Network. You can reach it at Instead of any
other introduction, I attach its "About us" page, a letter from the
publisher of the Greek Political and Cultural Review "Anti" addressed to
anyone interested in this effort.

You are all welcome to visit it. For any additional information or
contribution, please contact Sheila Conroy at


Dimitris Skoufis

Dear friends,

As we enter the "age of information", we have two developments which hold
major implication for all of our future. First is the rapid globalization of
the Free Market and Corporate Media, second is the information technological
revolution as specifically manifest in Internet.

As regards the fact of Corporate Media monopolization, the implications are
clear to all of us. More ambiguous is the path that the relatively newly
established Internet will proceed to take. Although Internet potentially
allows for an international and truly democratic interchange, it
simultaneously meets with serious shortcomings: not only is this technology
financially limited to relatively few hands (and those largely within the
industrially developed countries) but also Internet is under serious threat
(via, for one example, the proposed Global Information Infrastructure) of
future corporate control both through privatization and legal measures to
impose a restriction of information. Thus it is imperative that the wide
Left both participate in the Internet dialogue whilst simultaneously trying
to develop, if at all possible, an alternative global network.

In any case, both of these developments share one inevitable result: the
Small Press finds itself already on the periphery and is, in many cases,
struggling to survive. That the continued existence of the Small Press is
not merely desirable but is critical as a democratic voice is obvious. That
the existence of Internet - far from rendering the Small Press obsolete -
actually necessitates an alternative network of the Small Press is obvious.
That such an alternative network be international is not simply appropriate
but is of urgent necessity is equally clear.

For the above stated reasons, we have decided, with the help of friends and
colleagues here and abroad, to put together a catalogue network of wide Left
organizations and publications which - despite differences in approach -
hold common concerns regarding our respective societies and the planet that
we all share. In addition to creating a balance to both the global Corporate
Media and Internet, we believe that such an international network will help
us to specifically address the following issues:

1) The dangerous rising of chauvinism expresses itself at every level:
national, ethnic, racial, religious, sexual, cultural - all of which clearly
serves political and economic ambitions, and which cannot be overcome except
by means of a wide solidarity within the international community.

2) Under the expanding monopolization of Corporate Media, the very existence
of the Small Press is threatened. In addition to the fact of Mass Media
political and cultural impact, very simply without a Small Press there can
be no democracy.

3) Due to the very nature of the Small Press, few of us are able to function
transnationally. We have been obliged, therefore, to largely interpret
foreign events and concerns via the Corporate Media. The natural result is
an unacceptable degree of ignorance and misinformation.

4) We hope in directly receiving articles from one another that we can
overcome the above stated deficiency. In view of the financial difficulties
that the Small Press generally faces, we hope to work in a solidarity which
will, for example, without obligation send/exchange articles without

5) The complex political, economic and cultural interrelationships of our
respective societies cannot be correctly understood except through a regular
intercommunication of information and ideas. For only one example, it is now
generally acknowledged that we are confronting an ecological crisis that can
no longer be ignored. As ecological strategy is mapped out on the global
scale, global communications on ecological matters is essential.

6) In general addition, it is hoped that such a catalogue network will
facilitate the more effective organization of projects, meetings, seminars,
symposia etc. concerning the issues we share.

It is with regret that we are obliged to limit ourselves to one language in
the catalogue, and we have chosen the English language as it is the most
internationally familiar.

Attached to this letter you will find a few words about the magazine Anti
which is taking this initiative, a page of endorsements, and the form to be
completed and returned to us as soon as possible

Any ideas or suggestions that you can offer us would be very welcome in the
spirit of solidarity. If, however, you oppose this project or do not wish to
participate, we ask you to inform us of the reasons.

In view of the dimensions of this project, we would greatly appreciate any
help in locating and contacting potential participants. It would much assist
us if you would be able to send us a list of organizations and publications
known to you and which may be unknown to us or that we may have overlooked.

We hope that you share our enthusiasm for this project, and send you

Christos G. Papoutsakis, Editor
Anti/Independent Fortnightly Political and Cultural Review

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Sciences of the Interface

An international symposium on the historical, philosophical, mathematical,
physical, biological, social, artistic and technical aspects of the

In honour of the 60th birthday of Otto E. Roessler

ZKM Karlsruhe, 18 - 21 May, 2000

On the occasion of Otto E. Roessler's 60th birthday an international
conference will take place in Karlsruhe in May of 2000. As is clear, the
science of the interface is at the epicenter of Rössler's research. Besides
his pioneering contributions in systems theory and chaos, he has
concentrated his recent work in the area he calls endophysics where the
interface between human mind and the rest of the world plays the central
role. Rössler's work has also inspired and provoked numerous scientists and
media theorists to reconsider the cartesian cut - interfaces that can be
either located or not.

Because the broad implications of interfaciology (in Rössler's term) extend
across disciplines, we are proposing a symposium that looks as much at
physical, biological, mathematical, and engineering aspects of the
interface as it does the historical, philosophical, social, and artistic
interpretations that are enveloped in the emerging discourses of
techno-culture. This would suggest that areas such as cognitive systems,
complex systems theory, and the brain sciences, will be as relevant to the
discussion as cinema, television, media art, theories of representation and
spectatorship in experiential conditions driven less by singular states and
more by transformations.

>From a mathematical point of view, the so-called category theory seems to
be promising in an ontological endophysics approach. However, within the
epistemological framework of quantum mechanics other mathematical tools may
be more appropriate. Indeed, it has been quantum mechanics that impelled
scientists to ``propose'' new philosophies and theories. Hugh Everett's
many-world-theory is an important example. Rössler's work though proposes a
deeper understanding of quantum mechanics through a reconceptualization of
the interface. As Peter Weibel suggests, The endo approach offers a promise
to the complex technoworld of the electronic epoch.

The broad concept of the interface emerged in the fields of computation and
in human-machine interactions of early cybernetics. Widely theorized as an
aspect of software design, the interface languished in metaphors of the
page, the desktop, and worse still, in point-and-click interactions that
enslaved users. The limitations of a notion of the interface based on the
binary opposition of user-machine have hindered a consideration of the
interface as a state linked more with what Rössler identifies as
"assignment conditions'' than with the typically programmed behaviors of
software interfaces. In this context, haptic interfaces, that permit both
feedback and performance on physical or virtual objects are a promising

The conference will be held at the ZKM - Zentrum für Kunst und
Medientechnologie (Center for Art and Media Technology) in Karlsruhe. It
begins on Thursday 18 May 2000 at 9:00am and ends on Sunday 21 May 2000 at
3:00pm. Invited lectures will be distributed throughout each day. The
official language for the symposium will be English.

The symposium is public and we hope that you seriously take into
consideration to attend this ground-breaking event.

Organising committee: Peter Weibel with Hans H. Diebner and Timothy Druckrey

Programme information:

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The power of the Internet in the people's hands



February has been designated Black History Month. But what are we supposed
to do with "history?" Learn from it? Ignore it? And who gets to tell the
history? Who selects the facts and interpretations that become "history," in
textbooks or on TV? Whose words have final impact? The history of racism and
national oppression is certainly experienced and seen differently by people
on different sides of the class and racial divides. Efforts by privileged
whites to cross these divides helped fuel the explosive hopefulness of the
1960s. Millions of young people stepped forward to end a war and to win the
liberation of people subjected to racism and oppression. The same energy was
evident in the 5 days of protest in Seattle against the World Trade
Organization last November. It's fueling calls for the cancellation of Third
World Debt. It's energizing the battle against police brutality and the
imprisonment of a generation of young African-American and Latino men (and
increasingly women). The videos and websites we are featuring here are
illustrative of this.

WATCH: Stolen Lives Project (1998)
Public Service Announcements on Police Brutality.

WATCH: Showdown in Seattle: 5 Days that Shook the WTO (1999)

WATCH: Cancel the Debt, Now! (1999)
The Jubilee 2000 campaign to free the Third World from the crushing, First
World imposed burden of debt.

READ: Seattle and Beyond: Making the Connection in the 21st Century
An article by Dr. Manning Marable, Professor of History and Political
Science and Director of  the Institute for Research in African-American
Studies, Columbia University, New York City.

The power elite, to put it bluntly, "freaked out" in 1960s when they saw the
mainly white student movement opposed to the Vietnam war come together with
the increasingly militant battles of Blacks, Latinos, Native Americans and
Asian-Americans. They cringed when Mohammed Ali said: "No Vietnamese ever
called me nigger." They practically had seizures when they saw thousands of
white youth chanting "off the pig" and putting their own bodies in front of
Black Panther offices across the country after Chicago police had murdered
Panther leaders Fred Hampton and Mark Clark.

WATCH: Off the Pig (1968), Newsreel film on the Black Panther Party

But there has been a 30 year counterattack on this kind of solidarity by the
power elite and their media. The case of Mumia Abu Jamal is a good example.

Jamal is a black man accused of killing a cop who was beating another black
man in the Philadelphia ghetto. He sits in prison with two million other
Americans, overwhelmingly (75%) Black and Latino. He sits on death row with
nearly 4000 others, mostly Black and Latino, awaiting execution. Few will
defend the unfairness of his trial. Few will deny there is at least strong
evidence that points to his innocence. Few can deny that the death penalty
is executing many innocent people and is racially biased. Only the uncaring
or uninformed can miss Mumia's eloquent, articulate and unceasing voice for
the imprisoned and the oppressed. Only the ignorant can ignore that Mumia's
trial and conviction were politically charged. Only the most naïve will deny
that the State of Pennsylvania and the police are intent on putting Mumia to
death. Or fail to see that a massive movement of protest is the only thing
that stands in the way of his execution. And in fact, a worldwide movement
has come together demanding a new, fair trial - a movement that recognizes
Mumia as a voice and a symbol against police brutality, against the death
penalty, against the injustice of the justice system itself.

On February 18, Amnesty International called for a new trial in the case of
Mumia Abu Jamal on the basis that his original trial was deeply flawed.
"This is not about an issue affecting the life of just one man. This is
about justice -- which affects us all. And justice, in this case, can only
be served by a new trial," Amnesty International said. (For more info see:

WATCH: Behind these Walls, The Case of Mumia Abu Jamal (1998)
An in depth look at Mumia's life, the history of police brutality in
Philadelphia, the Black Panther Party, the MOVE organization and the facts
of the case.

WATCH: Have You Seen La Mujer Revolutionaria Puertoriquena (1986)
Interviews with four Puerto Rican Women Nationalists, jailed for 20 years,
until freed in December 1999.

WATCH: Critical Resistance, Beyond the Prison Industrial Complex (1999)
Documentary from the National Conference in Berkeley, CA

LISTEN: The Prison Industrial Complex (1997)
African-American socialist Angela Davis speaks on the alarming rate of
incarceration.  Presented by Alternative Radio (

VISIT: Idea Zoo
Personal website with video interviews on topics such as the death penalty,
homosexuality, war, etc.

VISIT: CoXxx News Index
An exciting and thoughtful personal gateway to the liberation of the world.

VISIT: Tales of Injustice.
Stories of lives that has been destroyed by our "justice" system.

The mainstream media's role, with a few exceptions, has been to divide and
deny growing white support for Mumia, to convince his white supporters that
they are fools or have been fooled. Examples are many. Disney/ABC's 20/20
ran two tortured reports to this end. Conde Nast's Vanity Fair did the same.
Ditto, of course, the Philadelphia press and the New York Times. ("The
return of radical chic" they infamously called it-referring directly to the
60s' alliance of whites and African-Americans).  The HBO special: "A Case of
Reasonable Doubt" and the A&E special on Mumia aired on February 17 were
notable exceptions of fair presentations of the case.

Recently, undermining attacks have come from unexpected, seemingly
progressive sources. Most notoriously Marc Cooper, Director of RadioNation,
Mother Jones Magazine, columnist Alexander Cockburn and even an article in
the alternative news service Alternet have derided Mumia and people fighting
to stop his execution. Some of these folks might feel uncomfortable being
lumped with mainstream media efforts to strip support from Mumia. But if
Mumia is denied a fair trial and executed, what will it matter that some of
them claimed to be against the death penalty or thought his trial was
unfair? Z Magazine has published several useful articles on this issue:

By contrast, this month we feature a number of "media" websites and Special
Reports on projects that are attempting to critique and break the power
elite recording of history.

VISIT: The Media Channel, a new eye on the media.
Critical and informative reports from over 300 sources around the world.
Also see Executive Editor Danny Schechter's commentary on the Mumia and the
media discussion:

VISIT: Media Island, a great source for news and media links.

VISIT: Journalists Strike against censorship at Pacifica Network News.

VISIT: Norman Solomon's Website:
One of the few national columnists with a progressive view.

VISIT: Bright Path Film and Video
Bright Path Video brings current progressive alternative news to the net via
streaming media

VISIT: Detour
Both funny and thought-provoking, Detour is an amalgam of humor and social
commentary. There are many little treasures in this comic/satirical portal.


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