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<nettime> Reverend Billy March Shows

Friends of rtmark,

On March 5th Reverend Billy's new pratfalling worship will begin, and the 
desecration of local dot-com billboards is our sacred task.  Please consider 
attending our service on the 5th, Sunday night, at 9:00PM.  You can reserve 
tickets by replying to this email, through the website or at 212 358 5181.

I enclose our press release.  Note that the 6$ discount with "Joining The 
Church" means that you must confess at least one Shopping Sin, and surrender 
your email and mailing address to church authorities.

You should know that we pass the plate in the course of the service to 
support our sponsoring community organizations.  For Sunday March the 5th 
they are Rtmark, the Lower East Side Coalition, and Extreme Artist 2000.  The 
Lower East Side Coalition includes activists groups like We Can't Breathe, 
which is pressuring the diesel-fuming Apple Tours.

Reverend Billy


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                       (list under theatre, community 

For more information or to arrange press tickets, please call Vanessa Klimek 
at 212 982 3899
Web site:   email:

And now, from The Church of Stop Shopping:

Written and performed by Bill Talen        Directed by Tony Torn
 Musical Director evangray              Concept by Sidney Lanier

Four Sunday Nights in March.
Worship themes: My Dot-Commed Neighborhood, Save the Theatorium, 
Save Esperanza Garden, and Disney-Gap Sweatshops.

Tickets: $15. ($9 students, church members)  Doors open: 9 PM.  
Box Office: 212 358 5181 
   The Salon Theater: 45 Bleecker Street, at Lafayette, in downtown NYC

    Reverend Billy follows up on the Millennium's Neighborhood festival with 
a series of comic church services on community activist themes.  Each comic 
church service ends with a political action, where the gospel choir, guest 
artists and honored activists leave the Salon in search of the logical 
Quality of Life violation.  Infectious music, Alleluhiahs! and the ultimate 
call-and-response: the political action, make this an interactive show with a 

Each strange worship will approach a certain theme and be co-sponsored with 
community activist organizations.  Rituals of traditional services will be 
altered.  For instance, the "Reading of the Word" on "Community Gardens" will 
be from the wise sayings of Rachel Carson and John Muir.   Another example 
-"The Induction of the Saints."  On March 5, we will canonize Mr. Andre 
Charles, graffito fine artist, whose painting of Jean Michel Basquiat graced 
the wall at Bleecker and Lafayette before it was painted over by the Noho BID.

After the conclusion of Reverend Billy's sermons, at the end of each of the 
services, the congregation will march out of the theater, following the 
choir, and commit a political action on the theme of the night. (The exact 
nature of these Quality of Life violations will not be spelled out here.) 

Sunday March 5th "Momma I been Dot Commed" is co-sponsored with "The Lower 
East Side Coalition", "RTMark", and "Extreme Artist 2000." 

Sunday March 12th "You Can't Kill the Theatorium" co-sponsored with "The 
Present Company Theatorium," "The New York International Fringe Festival" and 
"Hungry March Band."

Sunday March 19th "A Garden Called Esperanza" co-sponsored by "More Gardens! 
Coalition" and honoring Alicia Torres, who founded the El Jardin de la 
Esperanza, at 7 between B & C, in 1980.

Sunday March 26th "Sewing and Stuffing Mickey (Sweatshop Boogie)" 
co-sponsored with "The Global Sweatshop Coalition" and "National Labor 
Coalition."  Charley Kernaghan shall be canonized.

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