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<nettime> Kim Beazley launches revamped LaborNet - check it out (fwd)

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Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2000 16:13:59 +1100
From: Sean Kidney <>
Subject: Kim Beazley launches revamped LaborNet - check it out

Last night at 6.30pm Kim Beazley, national leader of the Australian 
Labor Party. officially launched the new and revamped LaborNet.

LaborNet serves as a portal for the labour movement, and is 
Australia's most popular political web site (according to It is a joint venture between the Labor Council 
of NSW and Social Change Online.

The magazine section, 'Workers Online' ( 
is publsihed weekly and is essential reading for people in the union 
movement and the ALP.

Mr Beazley talked about the importance of competence in cyberspace, 
and called the site "a substantial step forward for democracy in 

New features on the LaborNet site include:

- an online help service
- a Virtual Trades hall, allowing unionists to organise online meetings
- a local and international union news feed

Let us know what you think!


NB - LaborNet got a nice international endorsement today:

>Thursday, February 24, 2000 8:46 PM
>News from the UK-based LabourStart -
>This week's Labour Website of the Week is a self-styled "portal"
>established by the New South Wales Labor Council in Australia -- LaborNet,
>located at
>Among its likeable features are a news feed from what was already the best
>online trade union publication -- Workers Online -- and the top five
>international news stories as reported by LabourStart.
>Trade unionists in New South Wales should be making this their home page
>-- and the rest of us looking at it as an example of how our own trade
>union sites can be a LOT better.
>The Labour Website of the Week can be found every Thursday on the front
>page of LabourStart --
>Eric Lee
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