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Subject: translation of CGH 2/18 press release
Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2000 17:34:16 CST

Translated by Shannon Young. The original document in Spanish can be read 
at:   http://www.geocities.com/Baja/Mesa/9813/Boletines/bol18Feb00.html.
                                                  February 18, 2000
                       GENERAL STRIKE COUNCIL
                          PRESS BULLETIN

To all people:

I. There is no normality, the problem has not been resolved.

The government and the authorities played their trump card, repressing the 
movement in order to defeat it, they did not succeed, the CGH resisted the 
blow and is reorganizing itself. Now they are trying to make it seem as if 
nothing happened and the institutional life of UNAM has been reinstated. 
They lie, the situation is otherwise. In the schools and colleges of UNAM 
exists a great indignation for the way in which the university authorities 
decided to "end" the conflict. The authorities, from the time before the 
fraud-plebiscite, had already decided to repress the movement by means of 
the military police, therefore violating the university's autonomy, they did 
not solve anything and today there are around 300 members of the CGH accused 
among other things of "being a danger to society".

The authorities bet that the students and professors would return in mass to 
classes, but they were mistaken, the dignity of the university community is 
something that they lack and do not understand; like the dialogue between 
the strikers and non-strikers, when they were called upon to be the ones to 
break the strike, is on the side of freedom and dialogue as the solution to 
the conflict. For that reason, the authorities resorted to groups of 
provocateurs, led now by academics and investigators that, given the 
distribution of favors, group themselves around the authorities, to make 
people believe that there is a total rejection of the strikers. This 
situation reveals that there will be no normality at UNAM while there is no 
solution by means of dialogue to the demands of the CGH, with respect to the 
accords of December 10th, and while there is no unconditional freedom for 
each and every one of our imprisoned companeros. Normality is not obtained 
by decree, the rector continues with his double-speak, hoping to deceive the 
community by saying that he has dropped the charges while our companeros 
remain imprisoned and the legal situation has worsened, some have been mixed 
in with the criminals, and some of the companeras have had their data filed, 
at the same time the directors repress any kind of expression of solidarity 
with the struggle of the companeros. No, esteemed authorities! The fight 
continues, dignity, and the eagerness for justice can not be held in the 
jails or by the attempts to create fear.

II. National Strike

Again, the power of the voice of the CGH rests in demonstration. Once again, 
the academic sector of the population demands:
1. A free education on all levels.
2. The solution to the UNAM conflict by means of the dialogue table.
3. The unconditional and immediate release of all the political prisoners.

By means of strikes, active strikes, demonstrations, and diverse activities, 
the ENAH, UPN, UAM, Chapingo, The Autonomous University of Guerrero, the 
Juarez University of Durango, teachers of rural schools from the State of 
Mexico, the CNTE in Mexico City and Michoacan, the Autonomous University of 
Puebla; students, professors and the SME of Morelos. To all of those we have 
and haven't named, we thank you all for the solidarity that has been shown 
with our just fight and we ask to not be left alone in these moments in 
which the government of Zedillo and Labastida has decided to use the army's 
force to annihilate our movement, but they didn't succeed. The struggle and 
the strike continue, for that reason, we invite you all to organize with us 
to keep fighting, at a meeting on Saturday the 19th at 12:00 in the Ho Chi 
Minh auditorium of the College of Economics, with the objective of 
initiating a national strike focusing on the following:
-State-funded, free education for all levels.
-Immediate and unconditional freedom for all of the political prisoners, as 
well as the cancellation of all of the arrest warrants, enforced by the 
unconstitutional corps of the Preventative Federal Police and the Granaderos 
(riot police).
-For true autonomy for the public universities.
-Because the only way to solve the UNAM conflict is through dialogue, with 
respect to the accords signed on December 10th.

III. Rejection of the oppression against el MEXE.

El MEXE Hidalgo is a rural teachers college with a great tradition of 
struggle, from whence came Lucio Caba~as, throughout our strike, it has 
supported us in different ways, hoisting the flag of free, public education. 
We denounce, in the most energetic way, the new attack by the government to 
kick our companeros out of El MEXE with the use of violence at the hands of 
the local police, while they were in the midst of a long sit-in protest for 
the reopening of their education center and for the freedom of those from 
their school and from UNAM who are imprisoned.

IV. The distribution of bones has started.

After having been arduously dragged behind the rector and having attacked 
the CGH, Jose' Narro, Enrique del Val, Rene' Drucker and Alberto Perez Blas, 
received their prize. Their reform of the university has begun creating new 
positions in high-level bureaucracy and re-accomodating their followers 
within the dome of University power, without consulting even one member of 
the community and excluding everyone, the repressor De la Fuente appoints 
and removes people depending upon their political and not academic 
interests. This is the normality in which they want us to fall, so that 
everything stays the same, most of all his vertical and archaic scheme of 
government forms.

V. Do they think they can pull it off?

To the esteemed president of COPARMEX, the tongue took off by announcing the 
demand of the money owners to divide the university, the giant, this giant 
that has managed to stop the plans of their neoliberal policies. At the same 
time, Limon Rojas announced that which we already should have known; they 
will try in the future to impose unconstitutional fees at UNAM, but they 
won't be able to because the fight that we are putting up today will be able 
to establish the gratuity and, in case they try it again, we trust that 
society will not allow it.

VI. Thanks for the boycott, people.

Since the 6th of February, as leaders of the CGH, we brought up the proposal 
to boycott the CENSO as a form of protest for our indignation regarding the 
events that happened that same day. This measure was approved in the plenary 
session of the CGH on Monday the 7th, at UAM Xochimilco and was moved 
forward by the huge march on Wednesday, February 9th. The CGH thanks all of 
the families who supported this boycott and invites them to participate in 
the actions that we will bring forth to be able to act together in the 
defense of free, public education, as well as to demand the freedom of all 
of our companeros.

                    -The Commission of Press and Publicity of the CGH
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