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<nettime> Leonardo Cultural Resistance

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The Leonardo Network, hosted at mit.edu, was started in the 1960's
and is now being sued by a new finance organization who wants to copyright
the name.

Leonardo Network was originally founded in the
mid-1960s by Frank Malina, an eminent astronautical pioneer
and kinetic artist. Members and founders of the network have
included Jacob Bronowski, R. Buckminster Fuller, C.P Snow,
C.H Waddington, Frank Oppenheimer, John Cage. Current
members include Roy Ascott, Richard Gregory, Lynn
 Hershman, Annick Bureaud. The network was founded by an
earlier generation interested in the use of new media and the
sciences in the arts.

You can read about the lawsuit at this url


I received the following email from Mr. Malina, son of the founder of Leonardo;

From: "Roger F. Malina" <rmalina@CEA.Berkeley.EDU>
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2000 10:47:10 -0800 (PST)
To: design@myna.com
Subject: Re: rhizome
Cc: rmalina@CEA.Berkeley.EDU


Thanks for your email- and really appreciate your support

I will get you the leonardo finance people contacts
but you can find them on the leonardofinance web site

here is our current need list in case you know anyone on the
network who might be able to help us -

1)we are also putting on our web site a list of names of people
in support of our case, and also statements of support- there
can be emailed in to leo@mitpress.mit.edu

2) we are also thinking of having artists contribute designs of banner ads
which people can put on their web site linking to ours

like " MY NAME IS LEONARDO - SUE ME"  etc we are looking for
someone to organise this and host the banners ( our lawyers dont think
we should host this on our wbe site-) any ideas? - maybe someone
on rhiome would be interested in organising this up

2) we are also starting a web ring of all businesses in the world
that have the word leonardo in them ( Like Leonardo maccaroni-
proudly sitting on my office shelf) and getting all those companies
to mobilise against Transasia - all the Leonardo hairdressers,
leonardo restaurants- then we will declare a leonardo day and
ask people to patronise all the leonardo businesses in their cities
except the bad guys- know anyone thats good at managing
web rings ? we are looking for a volunteer
3) we are looking for an on line tee shirt company that would
acept artist donated designs for tee shirts-sell the tee shirts-
and send a cut to the artist and a cut to the leonardo legal defense
fund- then on leonardo day- people can show up in leonardo businesses
with "my name is leonardo- sue me" tee shirts

4) We want to organise an on line auction of donated digital art-
need someone to organise this up with ebay or someone- again a cut to
the artist and a cut to the legal defense fund

5) looking for other ideas /with volunteers attached !!! we are a differnt
of organisation
than etoy but just as determined.


To the menbers of/Au membres de
list@rhizome.org,  thingist@listproc.thing.net,

please forward this email to anyone interested
priere de passer cette note a tous interesser.

Dear List members;

We need a clear serious and simple statement
to send to Leonardo Finance
and I would like to invite everyone to post suggestions
on their list as to the statement over the next few days.

My suggestion is that we should take one statement
and bombard LeonardoFinance until our message gets across.
The emails should begin on a specific day,
once we are organized
Any comments welcome.

Cher membres du liste,

On a besoint d'un message claire, net, serieux et simple,
a envoyer a Leonardo Fiance
et j'invite tous le monde a donner leur version

Mon idee est que tout le monde envoy cette message a LeonardoFinance
jusqu'au moment ou il comprenne.
Les email devrait commencer une journer
apres que tous le mond est organizer.

Miklos Legrady
1086.5 Queen st. w.
Toronto, Ont. M6J 1H8
(416) 516-6127

Kapy Utca 1B
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