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<nettime> Mutation.fem



An underworld game patch router to female monsters, frag queens and
bobs whose first name is betty.

and patch selection by Anne-Marie Schleiner

Hosted on the Alien Intelligence site at Kiasma Museum, Helsinki,



</color></underline><italic>Mutation.fem  </italic>unearths examples of
female computer game avatars from shooter  add-ons, patches, and wads
from the mid 1990's, a not so distant era when most official characters
in shooters were male.  Before the advent of "Croftage", a term I once
heard some dudes in a California outlet of Fry's Electronics use to
refer to the popularity of Lara Croft and other fem game heroines,
various mutations of female death engines, monstrous frag queens, and
pornographic she-bobs were circulated in the underbelly of online game
hacking culture. Key to these past and ongoing experiments in game
avatar gender construction is the "monster friendliness" of gamer
culture, an openesss to mutations between human and animal, human and
machine, female and male.  <italic>Mutation.fem</italic>  also includes
some gender hacks recycled from  the online game patch art exhibit,
<italic>Cracking the Maze</italic>, by artists like Robert Nideffer,
Josephine Starrs and Leon Cmielowski. Additionally,
<italic>Mutation.fem</italic> links to female skins dowloads created
more recently by women players for network shooters.=20



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