Alan Sondheim on Tue, 22 Feb 2000 01:26:37 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> interval



her: Fri Feb 18 12:39:04 EST 2000 resting on the printed pages of a book
india ink transforms the spaces I am surrounded by infinite others my
desires are exposed and your desires are written between the lines part of
me lingers and all aspects of myself yearn to be uncovered pressed between
the pages and bursting forth inside my head I wait exposed waiting ... Fri
Feb 18 12:48:35 EST 2000

me: Fri Feb 18 12:19:39 EST 2000 nothing is comfortable here; entities
fall apart; objects are lost; i hear rumors, nothing more; it's as if the
whole space were shuddering; the space is glued to me; i'm burning; within
truth lies in madness and depression; if you do the mathematics of the
economy of populations, you discover that the poorest among us has the
same limbs as the richest; everything is hidden; there are fissures in the
walls, gloatings in my cracked skin, interior light, limbs breaking out,
buds and bruises; desires expand into their spaces; here i say my skin;
you can see outlines of blindness against the musculature, mouths opening
everywhere; everyone wants to tell all! i see myself cloaked in cracked
skin, twisting and turning; these are convulsions. i inhabit my bruises;
only for your eyes, my visible desires; who am i. now pressed against my
face, an upper palate. walking among strangers in a familiar city: i lived
among you. what else is there to tell, i speak myself to myself, skin
stitched to skin, as if you would know this, there was a commitment of
surgery, surgery was committed, i was given the material world, now;
talking to myself, for just a second, i'm closed down again; bad connect;
Fri Feb 18 12:28:40 EST 2000

it: date >> bb dialog --msgbox "interval program" 0 0 dialog --yesno "you
are on the far side of the interval" 0 0 if [ $0 == 1 ]; then dialog --in-
putbox "what do you perceive around you" 0 0 2>>bb else dialog --inputbox
"describe your comfort zone" 0 0 2>>bb fi dialog --yesno "are you afraid
inhabiting this region" 0 0 if [ $0 == 1 ]; then dialog --inputbox "what
are you going to do about it" 0 0 2>>bb else dialog --inputbox "why do you
remain here" 0 0 2>>bb fi dialog --inputbox "are you alone" 0 0 2>> bb
dialog --yesno "can you see your desires here" 0 0 if [ $0 == 1 ]; then
dialog --inputbox "what are these desires" 0 0 2>>bb else dialog --input-
box "are your desires always secret" 0 0 2>>bb fi dialog --inputbox "can
you face yourself in the interval" 0 0 2>> bb dialog --msgbox "this is the
interval program, please continue" 0 0 dialog --inputbox "where are you
now" 0 0 2>> bb dialog --inputbox "where were you then" 0 0 2>> bb dialog
--msgbox "this is the interval program, please continue "  0 0 dialog
--inputbox "tell us everything, everything" 0 0 2>> bb dialog --textbox bb
0 0 cat bb >> dd sed 's/ i / yon /g' bb > cc sed 's/ you / i /g' cc > bb
sed 's/ yon / you /g' bb > cc sed 's/ am / aq /g' cc > bb sed 's/ are / am
/g' bb > cc sed 's/ aq / are /g' cc > bb sed 's/ my / mn /g' bb > cc sed
's/ your / my /g' cc > bb sed 's/ mn / your /g' bb > cc sed 's/ mine /
minq /g' cc > bb sed 's/ yours / mine /g' bb > cc sed 's/ minq / yours /g'
cc > bb dialog --textbox bb 0 0 dialog --inputbox "addenda: where are you"
0 0 2>> bb date >> bb dialog --msgbox "end" 0 0


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