corey.eiseman on Tue, 22 Feb 2000 01:26:33 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> data{waste}

|  spam.poem.anti-art.machine  |
|    version update : 0.69     |

brand new version installed at
currently over 9 Thousand (!) entries in the datawaste file

download source code at


what's new in this version?

  o this version of the S.P.A.M. machine is loosely based on earlier
versions, but much of the original code has been rewritten and / or
reorganized. The multi-script modular design has been abandoned in favor
of a single inclusive one, meaning all the functionality has been
streamlined into one interactive script. While the average user won't
even notice the difference, it makes more sense from a programming
standpoint, and is more efficient, compact, and easier to install and

  o added amazing alliteration technology, so that occasionally random
lines will decide to choose words starting with the same letter instead
of from the entire data file.

  o rewrote the font color selection so that it truly generates a random
hex color combination instead of selecting from a limited set of
predetermined values. Also applied this hex color generation to the
background color of the page, so everything is a great deal more
colorful now.

  o dynamic tracking of datawaste statistics.


download your free spam.code today! I will personally send $5 cold hard
cash to the first three individuals who can email me a URL pointing to
their own spam machine installation. Please be creative and customize
the look and feel as much as you like with your own images and HTML,


the spam.poem.anti-art.machine v0.69 is kopyleft 1900 and is brought to
you by toegristle studios. Who are *you* to deny it?!? Please distribute
this art product freely, and use at your own risk.


viva la revolucion,


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