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<nettime> White House Cyber security Meeting Participants List

Here's the list that was sent out of who was at the meeting:

Cyber security Meeting Participants List
February 15, 2000

Douglas F. Busch
Vice President of Information Technology, Intel

Clarence Chandran
President, Service Provider & Carrier Group, Nortel Networks

Vinton Cerf
Senior Vice President, Internet & Architecture & Engineering, MCI Worldcom

Christos Costakos
Chief Executive Officer, E-Trade Group, Inc.

Jim Dempsey
Senior Staff Counsel, Center for Democracy and Technology

Whitfield Diffie
Corporate Information Officer, Sun Microsystems

Nick Donofrio
Senior Vice President and Group Executive, Technology & Manufacturing, IBM

Dave Farber
University of  Pennsylvania

Elliot Gerson
Chief Executive Officer, Lifescape.com

Adam Grosser
President, Subscriber Networks, Excite@home

Dr. Stephen Kent
BBN Technologies (GTE)

David Langstaff
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Veridan

Michael McConnell

Mary Jane McKeever
Senior Vice President, World Markets, AT&T

Roberto Medrano
Senior Vice President, Hewlett Packard

Harris N. Miller
President, Information Technology Association of  America (ITAA)

Terry Milholland
Chief Information Officer, EDS


Tom Noonan
Internet Security Systems (ISS)

Ray Oglethorpe
President, AOL Technologies, America Online

Allan Paller
Chairman, SANS Institute

Rich Pethia
Carnegie-Mellon University

Geoff Ralston
Vice President for Engineering, Yahoo!

Howard Schmidt
Chief Information Security Officer, Microsoft

Peter Solvik
Chief Information Officer, Cisco Systems

Gene Spafford
Purdue University

David Starr
Chief Information Officer, 3Com

Charles Wang
Chief Executive Officer, Computer Associates International

Maynard Webb
President, Ebay

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