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Re: <nettime> Revolution! Globalism! Convergence! New Economy!NOW!!


Sorry if it seemed that I was identifying this or that "ideology" with 
"globalization."  That was certainly not my intent.

There are, in general, *four* sides to any question and w.r.t
"globalization" these are all well fleshed-out.  Take your pick. 
Neo-liberal, neo-anarcho-syndicalist, cyber-communist, cyber-fascist. 
North, South, East and West.  Take your pick.  It doesn't matter.  It's
all "globalization" in the end.  All *four* sides have a common "ground." 
As usual in the electric media environment. 

As long as that "ground" is taken to be "reality" . . . Internet stocks
will continue to rise since these equity valuations are "discounting" the
possibility that the stock you own might become a big winner in the GLOBAL
(actually inter-galactic, but that's another matter) gold-rush for
"monopoly" status.  There simply is no limit to the "value" which this
"reality" implies. 

Argue against neo-liberalism all you wish.  Be as coherent and as
persuasive as is humanly possible.  It won't matter one wit.  The "ground"
remains the "reality" and it absolutely will not be impacted by mere

Or, try to blow it up, try to bring it to its knees, spit in its face,
pull down its pants . . . it won't matter one wit.  When the smoke clears,
when the kneepads are removed, when the towels are handed out, when the
"privates" are re-covered, the "ground" is still the "reality."  There are
absolutely no antics that will impact this "reality." 

By accepting "revolution", "globalism", "convergence" and the "new
economy" as "reality", just as nettime does everyday, what Pit calls
"obscene risks and inequality resulting from the internet stock frenzy" is
ensured to continue.  Nettime *creates* the very problem that it professes
to oppose.  (And, so does everyone else.) 

Tom Friedman (NYTimes' lead foreign correspondent) actually thanks the
"smurfs" in his column today titled "The Hacker's Lessons." 

"To whoever it was out there in cyberspace who launched last week's
'smurf' attacks . . . let me just say on befhalf of all of us: Thank you." 

I was merely pointing out that Felipe (and probably others) deeply
mis-understands the current stock-market situation because he falsely
believes that it is separate from himself and his own construction of
everyday "reality."  Whether he owns any stock or not, whether he "likes" 
what is going on or not, whether he in for or against "protests" or other
sorts of "action", he (and the rest of us) makes all this happen. 

That's one of the meanings of having "dis-appeared."  You become a part of
the machine.  A peripheral to the "network."  And, eventually, nettime
(among other things) will have to deal with it. 

By "re-appearing",


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