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url = http://www.incident.net/works/silence/vitesse/
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The speed of silence is a net.installation created by gregory chatonsky on
the topic of silence. It is a question of discovering an inaudible silence
which exists only in the variation of the conversation: the speed of sound
is 340 meters a second. This silence is the condition of possibility of the
verbal exchange where each one takes the place of the other (speaking -
listening). Quicktime 3+ and browser 4+ required.

url = http://www.cicv.fr/incident/
plugins = quicktime 4 - cosmoplayer 2.1
 "Incident of the Last Century 1999 - Sampling Sarajevo" is, in the
beginning, an interactive installation created by Grégory Chatonsky and
presented to the exhibition
"Art Virtuel, créations interactives et multisensorielle" which proceeded of
December 5, 1998 to January 9, 1999 with the curator Frank Popper in
Boulogne-Billancourt (France).
"Incident of the Last Century " is now available on the web site of the CICV
and its interactivity was entirely adapted to the co-operative problems of
the network. The users can modify art work by sending texts, pictures,
sounds or all other medias which will be gradually integrated.
This installation uses Quicktime, Shockwave, VRML to propose, with several
thousands of screens, a strange fictional universe in which the user can
handle three dimensions forms, hear sounds and voices of anonymities, see
videos and interactive forms, test artificial lifes.
"Incident of the Last Century " is about the way in which the human being
and technologies become inseparable today, beyond the speeches enthusiasms
or apprehensive. It is a reflexion on the statute of the interactive
fiction. In which ways the structure of a history can it change randomly as
it is traversed? How the user can interact on his construction? Which is the
statute of the author ?
This installation created an identity between the bottom and the form, the
contents and the media. It tries to connect heterogeneous elements whose
relations are aesthetic : the separation or rupture of a man and a woman,
Sarajevo like a metaphor of the European history, the invention of the body
and perception at the last century, the small and great history. It produces
spaces, times, paradoxical identities by which the traditional categories
are called into question. With the paddle of next the millenium, this work
try to understand how year 2000 and its technological phantasms come for a
great part from the century which precedes us and in what the modernistic
Utopia finds its roots in a forgotten history.

url = http://www.cicv.fr/3rives/
plugins = quicktime 4 - cosmplayer 2.1

Two edges : this country and this other country, this riven and this other
riven, this individual and this other individual. Two edges as dialectical
reasoning of which we do not arrive extricate. Trace borders, Draw conflicts
and oppositions, reconciliations, think of the other with love, with hate.
Imagine a separation which would be at the same time a fusion, a vacuum
which would be also full. Forget this vulgarity of the desire.
Third rivens : a u-topian space to experiment other desires, other possibles
: this country like border, these two rivens of a river which is itself a
riven, two individuals and others that we do not know, do not know any more.
Welcome the absence rather than to exorcise it
Third rivens : a riven which haunts all the borders.
Third rivens : three topics will be approached : the city like border, the
river like temporality, the inhabitants like memory. The cybernauts can send
documents (texts, picture, sounds). They "will fill" and generate new gaps
in the fiction which will evolve in an unpredictable and organic way.
Third rivens : a tryptic which will be held of 1999 to 2001. Each December,
it will be exposed to the urban festival of multi-media art (Belfort,
France). One will be able to see there a new element of tryptic as well as
the last elements modified by the cybernauts during the past year.
Third rivens : in 2002 the tryptic will be finished, the three elements will
be assembled to form a world which will be able to exist only on the
A world, a city, a territory, a border, a limit, the water, the time,
autonomy and interactivity, the sexual difference, a separation, a private
diary. An im-possible world.


Gregory Chatonsky
Incident Center (IC)
phone +06-13-59-44-18
e-mail : rank@incident.net
url : www.incident.net/users/cgregory/


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