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m o n o m e d i a  b e r l i n – n e w s l e t t e r   v e r s i o n 1.0

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monomedia berlin:value
The international conference on the cultural challenges of new media
12. – 14. Mai 2000


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This is the monomedia berlin - newsletter, your regular update on the

Barely four more months and the first large-scale international conference
on new media and the cultural challenges they posed will take place at the
Berlin University of the Arts (HdK) under the heading monomedia berlin:
value.  Now is the time, therefore, for us to regularly keep you abreast
of developments in connection with monomedia berlin: value. 

We have been able to secure confirmations from several of the renowned
speakers for the conference: Michael Goldhaber (USA), Robin Hanson (USA),
Dick Rijken (NL), Superflex (DK), Manuel DeLanda (MEX), Matthew Chalmers
(GB), Bert Mulder (NL), Bill Gaver/Anthony Dunne (GB). Responses from
further speakers are still pending. 

The reactions of the speakers to our inquiries have been hightly positive.
In their opinion the topic is extremely interesting and eminently current.
The built-in variety of the sessions and their orientation toward media
innovation, economics, design and society is regarded as particularly

monomedia berlin sessions:

e x c h a n g e o f v a l u e s – New Economy 

Diverging economic theories surrounding the new media, especially
internet, are currently at the heart of controversial debate. Internet
companies are booming on the stock market, yet the value of information
and content can only partially be quantified. Knowledge of varying
approaches and models of new economics will lead to a deeper understanding
of the new media and one’s own stance toward them.

a e s t h e t i c a l   v a l u e  –  Value-added through Design

How new media is designed has a direct influence on the user. The way he
or she feels when dealing with new media affects the extent to which these
media are accepted. 

Innovative, intelligent and at the same time aesthetically sophisticated
media applications which reflect added value for the producer as well as
for the user will be presented. 

s h a r e d  v a l u e  –  New relationships through New Media

New Media call for new systems of measurement and new categories of
evaluation. Innovative systems of evaluation and determination of value
are to some extent of great value to the user. They can enhance one’s
quality of life or simply possess commercial benefit. Such systems are
each characterized by an individual and differentiated understanding of
value which in turn encourages discourse. 

c e n t r a l  v a l u e s  –  New Media and Society

Are technological developments in the field of distribution via media
giving rise to far-reaching changes in global social structures?  Scholars
with a „global perspective“ will elaborate their views; practitioners in
the field of business and designers will present their visions of media as
an integral part of everyday life. 


For more information on monomedia berlin: value visit our website at
To request a registration form please contact DER-CONGRESS (Fax: +49
(0)30 – 85790326/27).

monomedia berlin is a joint project of the Berlin University of the Arts
(Hochschule der Künste Berlin) and the following partners: Deutschen
Bank 24, Pixelpark Inc.,
MediaGroup Munich, UUNET, Apple Computer Inc., PIK, n-tv, Der
Tagesspiegel, Horizont, Berlin Excelsior Hotel. It is taking place under
the auspices of an initiative of the
city of Berlin called Project Future – the Berlin Approach to the
Information Society.


the monomedia team

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