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    hi there!

    michelangelo pistoletto invites you to participate in
    UNIDEE, an open space to realize your ideas...

         :::we do offer:::

    a 3 month residency/workshop in italy -
    infrastructure and support to realize your project//your
    idea! - a highly creative environment for students and
    graduates from ANY field... from economics to politics,
    from science to religion, from education to behavior,
    from art to entertainment...

         :::you do submit:

    your idea in writing, in pictures or in any presentable
    form: IDEAS, projects and documentations of activities...
    the deadline is 31.3.2000

         :::for more information
         see the very end of this email or CLICK

    and... if you dont mind, please distribute this email to
    any list and every person possibly interested in UNIDEE;

    awaiting your ideas!

    fondazione pistoletto

        " is time the artist takes responsibility for
         establishing communication between every other human
         activity, from economics to politics, from science
         to religion... [progetto arte manifesto, 1994].

         cittadellarte - fondazione pistoletto
         __  _____ ___ ________   ___ __ _____
         :   :.    ::   :: .. IDEAS COME FIRST
         :..more infos::

    students and graduates from any faculty may apply!

    applicants are requested to send IDEAS, projects and
    documentation of their activities.

    the projects are examined by a specific international and
    interdisciplinary committee, coordinated by michelangelo
    pistoletto. the participants of the UNIDEE residence project
    will be selected shortly after the deadline 31.03.00.

    UNIDEE offers twenty-five students or graduates a very
    different experience from regular university or academic

    three months [sequence1 from 3.7 - 31.7.2000 and
    sequence2 from 3.9 - 31.10.2000] of courses and research
    and development... all these activities are led by
    university professors, experts and authorities in the
    cultural and scientific milieu. the participants will be
    able to experiment, develop and realize their ideas...

    the chosen candidates will live at the cittadellarte -
    pistoletto foundation in biella [italy]. they have the
    opportunity to participate in seminaries, workshops,
    conventions, performances, exhibitions and media-oriented
    activities - as well as sharing a day-to-day life rich in

    at the end of the course each UNIDEE resident will be given
    an attestation documenting their attendance... and the
    projects will be presented in exhibitions, conventions,
    publications and computerized communication media.

    the university of ideas - UNIDEE is a center specialized in
    the research, production and promotion of creative ideas
    it is aimed at furthering the interaction between art and
    humanitarian, scientific and social disciplines. UNIDEE is
    intended for minds with a creative potential, capable of
    suggesting innovative effects, also in a community context.

    for additional information, application forms and more... ::

         UNIDEE in residence
         cittadellarte - fondazione pistoletto
         via serralunga 27
         13900 biella - italia

         tel:::::: +39-015-28400
         fax:::::: +39-015-2522540

         cittadellarte - fondazione pistoletto
         __  _____ ___ ________   ___ __ _____
         :   :.    ::   :: .. IDEAS COME FIRST

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SEPTEMBER 14-17,2000
Conference Website:

The growth of the Internet is one of the greatest cultural phenomena of
our time, impacting almost all areas of life. It is crucial to build
knowledge about the Internet's socio-cultural dimensions. Despite great
interest, knowledge-building in Internet research is hindered by a lack of
international, centralized opportunities for scholars from different
disciplines to interact. This international conference, the first meeting
of the Association of Internet Researchers, will focus on the Internet as
a distinct interdisciplinary field for research. It will bring together
prominent scholars, researchers, and students from multiple disciplines
for keynote addresses, paper presentations, formal and informal discussions.

The Association of Internet Researchers (A.(o).I.R.) invites submissions
of between 150 and 250 words on all topics that address any social,
cultural, political, economic, or aesthetic aspects of the internet. We
welcome submissions from any discipline and encourage international and
interdisciplinary work as well as submissions from those producing new
media or working in multimedia studies.

The deadline for submissions of paper/session proposals is 15 MARCH, 2000.


Manuel Castells
Professor of Sociology at the University of California, Berkeley. Castells
has published over 17 books, including a recent trilogy on the information
age which begins with The Rise of the Network Society (1996). In
1995-1996, Castells was appointed to the European's Commissions's High
Level Expert Group on the Information Society and is a member of the
European Academy.

Susan Herring
Associate Professor of Linguistics at the University of Texas at
Arlington. Her recent edited collections include Computer-Mediated
Communication: Linguistic, Social, and Cross-Cultural Perspectives and
Computer-Mediated Discourse Analysis.

Rob Kling
Professor of Information Systems and Information Science at Indiana
University at Bloomington. He is the editor of Computerization and
Controversy: Value Conflicts and Social Choices, and editor-in-chief of
the international journal The Information Society.

Helen Nissenbaum
Research Associate and Lecturer at the University Center for Human Values
at Princeton University and founding editor of the international journal,
Ethics and Information Technology.

Barry Wellman
Professor of Sociology at the University of Toronto. His forthcoming
collection is titled Networks in the Global Village. He is also a
principal founder of a new journal, City and Community, whose first issue
appears in 2000.


All proposals should be submitted electronically at:
Average time allotted for a panel will be 1 hour and 30 minutes, including
discussion time.
Average time allotted for a paper or presentation will be 15 minutes.
If these time constraints are not appropriate for your panel/presentation,
please include that in your abstract.
Please include any equipment or special considerations that might affect
your presentation.

Proposals can be of three types.

Proposals for papers :150-250 word abstract.

Creative presentations (surprise us!)  and Internet-related project
demonstrations (including
digital art) are encouraged. The format for these proposals are the same
as those for regular

Panels will generally include three to four papers or presentations. The
session organizer should submit a 150-250 word statement describing the
session topic, include abstracts of up to 100 words for each paper or
presentation, and indicate that each author is willing to participate in
the session. Presenters should plan on using around half of the panels'
time for presentation, and the rest of the time for discussion of the
issues raised by these papers.


Graduate students are highly encouraged to submit proposals. They should
note their student status with submission for consideration of a special
Student Award. The winner of the Student Award will have conference fees


Submissions will be accepted at
It is preferred that you use HTML to minimally format your paper .


Registration will begin April 1, 2000. Check the conference website for

Conference Coordinator: Nancy Baym,
Program Chair: Jeremy Hunsinger,
A(O)IR President: Steve Jones,

More Information can be found on the Conference Website:

For more information about the Association of Internet Researchers visit
our website at

Jeremy Hunsinger
Director VTOnline
Instructor of Political Science
Webmaster/Manager Center for Digital Discourse and Culture
526 Major Williams Hall 0130
Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, VA 24061
Center for Digital Discourse and Culture --my homepage

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ART-ACT 15 -- Newsletter of the "Anti-Racist T-shirt Art Contest Tour"

Check out ART-ACT's latest submission - Laura Craighead Weaver's t-shirt art
submission "New World" at

She says:

"Attached is a gif of my T-shirt design.  I think your project is wonderful.

This URL links to a page that offers a children's book with the same theme
of your project.  I created all of the oil paintings that were then
photographed, scanned and arranged in a PDF format.  The story is about a
friendship between two very different animals and the focus is to promote
anti-racist ideas in a way small children can understand."

SURPRISE! We previewed ART-ACT in real space. And we received press in
Streetwise which covered our surprise exhibit at ARC Gallery. Streetwise is
a weekly newspaper sold by homeless vendors on the streets of Chicago. It
covers artists and others the regular press avoids.

The coverage of art events in Chicago by news outlets is always minimal.
However, they like to follow the moves of high profile bigots. It is also
difficult to get good coverage in our city and state for those who are
working to build an
alternative society by fighting hatred. Is this the same reality the Nazi's
exploited in
Germany to build an organization strong enough to court corporate backing in
the 1920's and 30's? It can happen here. Especially, if people are too
afraid, ashamed, or apathetic to even discuss cultural clash, ethnic issues
and engrained historically racist patterns.

This silence is all the bigot needs to organize his troops of hatred to
build a viscous circle of violence, press coverage, confrontation, press
coverage, fear, increased polarization and more hatred and more press.
We do not have the cheap trick of violence to attract the attention of the
press so, perhaps, we should find creative ways to cooperate to create press
attention for groups working against hatred. Send us any ideas for posting
in this newsletter.

Thank you Streetwise for your voice in the wilderness.

In the previous ART-ACT Notes I mentioned how we created a flier to invite
exhibit goers to respond with comments. These fliers sporting ART-ACT
submissions on one side a space for viewers of the exhibit to respond did
not work to gain written responses. They did add all the images on our
website to our exhibit and were well seen by the visitors to our exhibit at
ARC. We will continue to find ways to build discussions under the art of
ART-ACT. One way is to add links to appropriate essays on racism or
diversity already posted on the internet. We invite you to send us suggested
links to appear under ART-ACT submissions.

We continue to encourage anyone viewing the artists images to
respond to one or more images with comments on the artists work
as they see it. How does the image relate or fail to relate to our theme,
in your view. Speculate or re-phase what the artist says to you or
disagree, with reasons, with what you think the artists is saying or
let the art bring out a story of your own that needs telling.
Ask the artist questions. He/She may answer you! Make your
statements. A discussion beneath every image is our intended goal.
Then we can add links to new interesting comments in this newsletter.

Speakout and win a free t-shirt from our "Screen Print Workshop for
Artists." A free t-shirt to the twenty-first commentator on
artwork in our ART-ACT exhibit. Just click on COMMENTS
below any image in ART-ACT and send us your thoughts.

Do you know a college professor or teacher who could use this collection of
art to excite discussion in their class room of the many issues related to
racism and diversity?

Tell them about us or send us their e-mail address and we will contact
them. Their students' written comments could be published on our site below
the art they apply to!

Help build an Internet Community against Racism. Volunteer one hour a week.
To read about the HELP we need - Click

Thanks for reading of us as we grow.

Chris Drew
Uptown Multi-Cultural Art Center   We dress Chicago and the
Internet in t-shirt art.  Come get some! 773/561-7676

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Friends, please sign the petition at

Background below. Thank you.

Piotr Bein

February 1, 2000
Vancouver/Canada and Cracow/Poland

Polish "Green Brigades" need help
Grassroot publications denied government funding

Withdrawing public funds from a country's leading independent magazine
does not contribute to freedom of information. For publishing alternative
information on NATO war in Yugoslavia, depleted uranium weapons, and the
hypocrisy of some European Greens re human rights in Kosovo, the "Green
Brigades Ecologist Magazine", a Polish environmental bi-weekly, received a
death sentence from  the government-run fund for the protection of the
environment. Well-read "Dzikie Zycie", "Kropla" and many other small,
independent publications shared a similar fate.

Andrzej Zwawa, the chief editor of the Green Brigades Publishing House is
trying to rescue the magazine, despite government decision. He issued a
petition to the government in Polish and English, which supporters can
sign on the Internet at

The punishment was dealt under the pretext of withdrawing funds from small
publications. With a circulation of only 1,000 copies every 2 weeks,
Polish "Green Brigades" serves as an information exchange forum for the
country's environment and community movement, as well as the general
public. The bi-weekly appears on the Internet, where it enjoys far greater
readership. The staff, facilities and equipment are basic. Often 3-5
people work on less than adequate computers in a cramped space, equivalent
to half the area of a plushy office in the government or its fund.

All texts in "Green Brigades" come from volunteer authors, who are
proponents and opponents of diverse religions, political and military
alliances, organizations, ideas and worldviews. Although an unfair 1998
article in respectable "Polityka" weekly unfairly labeled it "sectarian",
the environmental bi-weekly remains one of Poland's few non-bigoted
publications. Access to the records of the granting decision was denied,
but well-informed sources maintain that the commission refused the funding
because texts of "...anarchists, leftists, opponents of bombing of
Yugoslavia by NATO..."  have appeared in the condemned publications.

The grassroots activists wonder how much influence sectarian hysteria
exerts on the funding decisions. A recent book by two Catholic clergy,
professors Slipko and Zwolinski, titled "Rozdroza ekologii" (cross-roads
of ecology) manipulates original statements of environmentalists to make
them look sectarian and dangerous to society. According to the professors
in cassocks, vegetarianism is a religion, and Greenpeace "...have no idea
what is really harmful and hazardous for the environment… while promoting
technologies that are lethal for the environment." Using the book as court
evidence, the mayor of Bielsko, the seat of "Dzikie Zycie", refused city
funding for this publication.

Zwawa's bi-weekly featured numerous authors from Western Europe and North
America on topics ranging from deep ecology, through deforestation,
organic farming, agrotourism and global climate change, to the use of
depleted uranium weapons in Yugoslavia. "Green Brigades" held an interview
with Niaz Dorry of Greenpeace USA, the 1998 "Time" magazine 'Hero of the
Planet'. It also presented: the North American solar aquatic method of
treating sewage; a community sustainability project downtown Vancouver,
British Columbia; the controversy over Makah whale hunt off the coast of
Washington state; the clear-cutting of old-growth rainforests in Canada;
the risks from marine aquaculture and overfishing worldwide; the struggle
of American Indians to retain their lands; the warming up of Alaska; and
many other topics.

The articles presented to the Polish reader international organizations,
such as Greenpeace, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Norwegian
Environmental Protection Agency, Sierra Club, Western Canada Wilderness
Committee, Friends of Clayoquot Sound, Raincoast Conservation Society,
Forest Action Network, People's Action for Threatened Habitat, Raging
Grannies, Eco-Cafe, American Association for the Advancement of Science,
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Global Climate Coalition, US
National Fisheries Service, US National Oceanic and Atmospheric
Administration, Georgia Strait Alliance, Makah Tribal Council, Worldwatch
Institute, International Whaling Commission, World Council of Whalers,
Fisheries and Oceans Canada, American Ocean Campaign, Canadian
Museum of
Nature, Ocean Voice International, Harvard Medical School - Health and
Global Environment Centre, Ecological Action Centre in Halifax, Hatfield
Marine Sciences Centre, and many other.

Sample articles (in Polish) can be viewed on the web at: (marine life) (interview with Niaz Dorry) (whale hunts) (NATO, militarism) (European Union politics) (eco-philosophy) (eco-philosophy) (militarism) (climate change) (European Union politics) (deforestation) (deforestation) (depleted uranium weapons) (NATO controversy) (European Greens and NATO) (animal rights)

Contact information:

Andrzej Zwawa, chief editor of "Zielone Brygady"
Wydawnictwo "Zielone Brygady" (Green Brigades Publishing House)
Slawkowska 12/24, PL 31-014 Kraków, Poland
telephone: +4812 422 2147, or 422 2264, or 429 5332 extension 30
fax: +4812 429 5332 extension 26 or 22

Piotr Bein, contributing author
Vancouver, Canada
telephone and fax: +604 228 9437

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JOINT VENTURE ........................................................
Ausstellung des Fachbereiches Medienkunst
der Hochschule f=FCr Grafik und Buchkunst / Academy of Visual Arts / Leipzig
03.02.2000 bis 10.02.2000

Er=F6ffnung : heute -  Mittwoch den, 02.02.2000, 18.00 Uhr

Einf=FChrung : Christoph Blase, Kunstkritiker, Berlin

=D6ffnungszeiten :
Mo-Do. : 10.00 bis 18.00 Uhr
Fr. : 10.00 bis 21.00 Uhr
Sa. : 10.00 bis 19.00 Uhr

Ort :
BIC - Business & Innovation Centre Leipzig
Karl-Heine-Strasse 99, 04229 Leipzig
(Ecke Gie=DFerstrasse)

weitere Info :

eine Dokumentation der Ausstellung mit Realvideos und Fotos wird unter=20 vorbereitet.

Weitere interessante Ausstellungen sind im exhibitions calendar zu finden.

 >   >>>   you're artist and your work can't be found on hundreds of common=
searchengines ?
submit your work to the hardwired arts finder :=20

__________________________________________ ___ __ _   _ :::::::::  the :::: center:::4::hardwired::::arts=20
:::::::::::::::::::::  :::: ...  .   .

                                                                         - - - -
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - | 0 6 |
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Hey folks, this is a show I'm in. If you could spread word, or even check it
out, I think you'd be into it.


n =D8 1 s e
a series of exhibitions about information and transformation
curated by Adam Lowe and Simon Schaffer
in Cambridge and London

n =D8 1 s e is a set of connected exhibitions of art and science...

n =D8 1 s e is an exhibition and a book about how we perceive and how we
communicate our perceptions.

n =D8 1 s e showcases and questions the digital, reclaiming its
antecedents...from Noah's attempts to create a new world
aboriginal sand Robert Hooke's microscopic
Braille and Charles Babbage's Difference Engine...and the
brain that conceived it.

n =D8 1 s e, hazy images and sudden sparks, random mutations and puzzling
glitches, can all become the sources of innovation and beauty.

n =D8 1 s e celebrates the essential excess from which information is
drawn...Chances are your own sense of order is already someone else's=A0 n
=D8 1 s e.

Kettle's Yard, Cambridge
The Whipple Museum of the History of Science
The Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
The Fitzwilliam Museum
The Wellcome Trust's Two10 Gallery (London)

n =D8 1 s e has been devised by artist Adam Lowe and historian of science
Simon Schaffer. They have also edited the catalogue to the exhibition
which includes essays by:

Joe Banks
Umberto Eco
Adrian Cussins
Peter Galison
Anita Herle
Bruno Latour
Michael Lynch
Paul D. Miller
Bruce Sterling
et al.

and reproductions of works by artists in the exhibition[s] including:

Art and Language
Tabitha Andrews
Manuel Franquelo
Joy Garnett
Joseph Grigely
Lynn Hershman
Bill Jones
Paul D. Miller (DJ Spooky that Subliminal Kid)
Joseph Nechvatal
Ben Neill
Marc Quinn
Michael Rees
Lillian Schwartz
Stan Venderbeek
Catherine Wagner
Peter Weibel
et al.

information and transformation
Kettle's Yard, Cambridge (UK)
January 22 - March 26 2000

the digital and its discontents
The Whipple Museum of the History of Science
Cambridge (UK)
January 22 - March 26 2000

digitization: earth & sky
The Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
Cambridge (UK)
January 22 - March 26 2000

digital images
The Fitzwilliam Museum
Cambridge (UK)
January 18 - April 16 2000

transforming sensation
The Wellcome Trust's Two10 Gallery
London (UK)
January 27 - May 1 2000

for information contact Adam Lowe:

                                                                         - - - -
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mtaa apologize for cross-postings
mtaa's current project, called (the 3mb
Annexation), is a site specific and website specific work created for
a group exhibition entitled 'BI Virtue' taking place at star67
gallery in brooklyn.

with this project we wish to engage a number of issues:

1) the commercialization of a formerly non-commercial and private
area of cyberspace.  specifically the simple email box.

2) the limits of the interface.

3) the relation of net art to the traditional gallery.

4) the update of a pop art strategy to the online world.

with the 3mb Annex we transform the commercialized private space of a
yahoo email box into a public space, yet one may be filled with doubt
as to how one may function within this space.

Yael Kanarek - "I wasn't sure if i should do it, but since they gave
out the name and password I did. now I feel guilty. did I ruin the

one can do whatever yahoo allows in this space, mriver and twhid
don't make the rules, they follow the rules.

the installation of the 3mb Annex in the star67 gallery space is
ugly. it consists of a large-format ink-jet print of a netscape
browser window on the macintosh 8.6 platform displaying the email
interface of the website displaying an email message from
the vieweratstar67 account. the content of the message is the
original proposal to the curator at star67 gallery. sitting on the
floor under the print is a large gray base (one you would see in any
art gallery) with an old macintosh performa sitting on top of it. the
performa is running os7.6 and a netscape navigator 3 browser
connected to the vieweratstar67 account so that gallery visitors may
browse through the online portion of the project.

the paragraph above lists a number of self-imposed limits which mtaa
(and our collaborators) need to operate within in order to create
this work; things that exist out of mtaa control. is the design of
the computer, the yahoo interface, the os part of the artwork? limits
to the artwork? assets to the artwork? do they define exactly what
can be said? or does the information as artwork exist freely,
unencumbered by all the imposed rules it needs to follow? is an experiment.

mtaa invite you to send email as artwork to

access this net artwork at
username: vieweratstar67
password: annex

mtaa would like to thank those that have taken part in vieweratstar67 thus far:
robbin murphy
one38 (eryk salvaggio)
jenn and kevin mccoy
yael kanarek
reinhold grether
cary peppermint
and other anonymous users and pranksters


                                                                         - - - -
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Assemblage: The Women's Hypertext Gallery
at the trAce Online Writing Community

Assemblage is the first collection of new media art texts being created by
women in hypertext on and off the World Wide Web around the globe.

Showcasing hundreds of works, there are a wide variety of tones, schools,
genres and generations in this Gallery: prose, poetry, theory,
autobiography, strident cyberfeminist polemic, quiet self-affirmation,
innocence and experience, and visual/textual arts not yet classifiable.
There are works that use traditional narrative forms or language (not
necessarily English) in innovative ways, and texts that create new forms by
interweaving word and image in patterns that transform both. The common
ground is the non-sequential--the hypertextual--use of words and images to
birth possible worlds in this new art form, and to create present tense
textual spaces for readers to explore.

Assemblage is featured as part of the website of trAce, an online community
and consultancy which encourages writers to discuss writing, share their
work, collaborate and experiment online. Based at The Nottingham Trent
University in the U.K., trAce is always keen to showcase new web-specific
works and provide development opportunities for writers working on the

(The Gallery is updated monthly. Please submit relevant urls to to have work considered for inclusion.)

Join us.

Carolyn Guertin
for the trAce Online Writing Community

Carolyn Guertin is a PhD candidate (ABD) and SSHRC doctoral fellow
specializing in the feminist avant-garde, hypertext and the technologies of
writing at the University of Alberta, Canada. Her hypertexts have appeared
in BeeHive and the Electronic Book Review, and she is Curator of
Assemblage: The Women's Hypertext Gallery at the trAce Online Writing
Community. She is a contributing editor (along with Jennifer Ley and
Marjorie Luesebrink) of the special Women and Technology issue of the
online journal Riding the Merdian, due in February 2000.

Carolyn Guertin, Department of English, University of Alberta
E-Mail:; Tel/FAX: 780-438-3125

Assemblage, the Online Women's Hypertext Gallery, at trAce:

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>>>>> Une entrevue de Josephine Bosma avec Steve Dietz
«Il a été plus difficile de convaincre les musées de la valeur actuelle du
cyberart que de les faire passer à l'information en réseau et aux échanges
intermuséaux.» (Steve Dietz)

>>>>> Hackers : un nouveau mode de régulation de la société en réseau
Par Denis Labrosse
La sécurité et la confiance aux technologies sont au cœur de la réalisation
et du maintien des réseaux. Or, de plus en plus, on réalise que la sécurité
informatique absolue est une illusion et que la seule sécurité disponible
est celle que permet l'innovation constante des programmeurs.

>>>>> Les enfants  terribles du cyberart
Par Kathleen Goggin
...en ouvrant toute grande la porte au flux informationnel on donne
inévitablement la chance aux bousilleurs de systèmes informatiques d’y
trouver refuge.


>>> Dernière nouvelle : Le musée d'art moderne de San Francisco (SFMOMA)
vient de mettre en place un prix annuel d'une valeur de 50,000 (US) pour
encourager la création cyberartistique. Ars Electronica (Autriche) ne sera
plus le seul décideur de cette nouvelle esthétique. Est-ce le début d'un
vague américaine qui tente de s'inscrire profondément dans l'histoire du
Lire l'article (en anglais) de Matthew Mirapaul du Cybertimes (The New York
Times on the Web) :

Bonne lecture et prenez garde à votre peau virtuelle, elle vaut son pesant
Pierre Robert

Pierre Robert / rédacteur en chef
Richard Barbeau / rédacteur adjoint
Kathleen Goggin / administration
Archée, revue d'art <en ligne>
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