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<nettime> "The New Memory Palace" on Wed., Feb. 9, 1:30 pm PST

Wednesday, February 9, 1:30 pm PST  
Michael Heim and panel meet in 3-D avatar world
The CyberForum presents real-time online author chats. 

On Wednesday, February 9th at 1:30 pm PST, the Forum features Michael
Heim, author of Virtual Realism and The Metaphysics of Virtual Reality. A
topical tour will introduce "The New Memory Palace" as a fresh way to
apply 3D avatar worlds.

Chat log with screen grabs from the first Forum on February 2nd with Peter
Lunenfeld is now online at:

Forums feature authors drawn from The Digital Dialectic:  New Essays on
New Media (MIT Press, 1999) collected and edited by Peter Lunenfeld. 

Forums are open to the public and run one hour on either Wednesdays or

On February 26 at 1:30 pm PST, Katherine Hayles, author of The Cosmic Web
and How We Became Posthuman: Virtual Bodies in Cybernetics, Literature,
and Informatics, addresses the Forum.
CyberForum speakers include:  
Carol Gigliotti 
Katherine Hayles, Feb. 26, 1:30 pm PST
Michael Heim, Feb. 9, 1:30 pm PST  
George Landow 
Brenda Laurel
Peter Lunenfeld, Feb 2, 1:30 pm PST  
Lev Manovich  
William J. Mitchell   
Email questions to
Visit the website
for further information and speaker bios. 
To participate: Download the free Eduverse 3D browser from  
Install the software and enter as a tourist in Eduverse.  The left panel
of the Eduverse browser shows a list of worlds. Choose "ACCD" world and
follow the other avatars to the Forum location. The Virtual Worlds Team at
Art Center will be there to guide you. 
The CyberForum@ArtCenter is a production of the Virtual Worlds Team at Art
Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, under the direction of
Michael Heim (

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