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<nettime> stop the MPAA - call to action by 2600




Thousands of copies of the flyer have already been distributed at movie
theaters worldwide. Versions are also being made in different languages. 
The next step will involve a massive action this Friday, February 4, 2000. 

We call on all 2600 meetings held around the world on that day to head to
the local theaters and spread the word of this travesty of justice by
handing out as many flyers as possible. Everyone is invited to show up and
participate, bring your friends, tell your local Linux User Group, spread
the news to any organization you're part of, and join us in advocating
justice. We find that once people are made aware of the facts of the case,
they become as outraged as we have. 

TIPS FOR HANDING OUT FLYERS First, make sure you make the flyers
distinctive by printing on colored paper if at all possible. The quickest
way to do this is to go to a copy shop. Get several hundred at the very
least - you WILL go through them quickly. Make sure you can print more if
you need them. 

Familiarize yourself with the facts of the case as presented on
www.opendvd.org. It's important to be able to answer questions of people
who are interested in learning more. Remember, this is NOT about DVD
piracy - that is how the movie industry is trying to portray this case. 
The issue here is CONTROL of players - whether you have the right to play
DVD's on the computer of your choice and whether you should be able to see
DVD's from other countries. As well as our freedom to continue reporting
on the events, developments and discoveries of the hacker community, in a
full and accurate manner. 

We find that people respond well to "Protect Your Rights" as a catch
phrase to get them to take the flyer. Let us know if others work for you. 
Be courteous to the people passing by - don't block their path and, if
they ignore you or even make a snide remark, don't heckle them. We find
that the vast majority of people are polite and interested in what you
have to say. You'll find that some will even come up to you asking for
more flyers! Have a set of master copies (printed on white paper) for
others to make copies of their own and hand out in other places. 

If you are asked to leave by theater management, cooperate and ask them
where they would like you to stand. They can't force you to leave the
area, only the part that is their property. You can still successfully
hand out material to everyone coming and going by positioning yourself in
neighboring areas or even in the parking lot. If things become unpleasant,
simply head to another theater in a different part of town. (If you run
out of theaters, you can always fall back on video stores.) We find that
90% of such confrontations can be averted by befriending security guards
and making it clear that you don't intend to be disruptive. 

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