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<nettime> Yugoslavia on documentary film

Yugoslavia on documentary film since 1995

Since 1995 Belgrade and Serbia were visited by many professional
journalists, artists, adventurers, war tourists... All of them were
interested in the black hole called Serbia, and they have made some
documentaries expressing their points of view to this land of

REMONT and LOW-FI VIDEO will organize Cinema Safari Festival in the
fall of 2000, where all those films would be shown. We'd like to see
how the others see us, and we invite all who visited Yugoslavia since
1995 with their cameras to contact us and to submit their films (no
entry fee).

Also, we invite everybody who knows about some of those authors and
films to tell us whom we should contact, because in 1999 there was so
much cameras here that we didn't manage to contact all those people,
and every help in looking for their films will be welcome.

You can contact us at:

Thanks in advance,
Darka Radosavljevic
Aleksandar Gubas

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