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Hello everyone

For those list members interested in the work of the French cultural
theorist of technology Paul Virilio, I have a couple of announcements to


1. 3rd International Crossroads in Cultural Studies Conference, 21-25
June, 2000, Birmingham UK. 

I have organised a double session on Virilio in the Social and Cultural
Theory strand. Session number 6.1 a/b. There are 8 papers being presented
on Virilio. The paper presenters and the titles are: 

1)Niels Brugger, Connecting Themes in the Work of Paul Virilio

2)John Armitage, Beyond Postmodernism? Virilio's Hypermodern Cultural

3)William Merrin, Angelic or Terminal Man? The Fate of the Human in
McLuhan and Virilio

4)Douglas Kellner, Virilio's Critique of Technology

5)Verena Andermatt Conley, Tuning Up the Motor: Reassessing Paul Virilio's
Philosophy of Speed

6)Mark Featherstone, Speed and Violence: Virilio, Derrida, and Girard

7)Sean Cubitt, Transport, Transmit, Translate: Virilio, Ecology and Media

8)Nicholas Zurbrugg, The Art of Theory: Virilio, Baudrillard and Image


2. Theory, Culture & Society: Special Issue on the Work of Paul Virilio. 
Vol. 16 Nos. 5-6. (1999). 

As most list members know, Mike Featherstone very kindly let me guest edit
a Special Issue of TCS on Virilio. I am very pleased to announce that,
after more than 2 years of hard work, the issue has just been published.
The issue will also be published in book form shortly by TCS/Sage. The
details of the book version can be found below.
========================================================== Paul Virilio
>From Modernism to Hypermodernism and Beyond Series: Published in
association with Theory, Culture & Society

Edited By: John Armitage : University of Northumbria, Newcastle

Pages: 256

Cloth (0761959017)  January 2000 # 49.50
Paper (0761959025)  January 2000 # 15.99
Paul Virilio is one of the most significant and stimulating French
cultural theorists writing today. Increasingly hailed as the
'archaeologist of the future', Virilio is noted for his proclamation that
the logic of ever increasing acceleration lies at the heart of the
organization and transformation of the contemporary world.

The first book to afford a properly critical evaluation of Virilio's
cultural theory, it includes an interview with Virilio; a recently
translated example of his work; and a select bibliography of his writings. 
The commissioned contributions by leading cultural and social theorists
examine Virilio's work from his early speculations on military and urban
space to his current writings on dromology, politics, new communications
technologies, disappearance, and the fallout from `the information bomb'.
Readership: Academics and students of social theory, communication,
cultural and media studies and sociology

John Armitage, Paul Virilio: An Introduction

John Armitage: From Modernism to Hypermodernism and Beyond: An Interview
with Paul Virilio

Paul Virilio: `Indirect Light' Extracted from Polar Inertia

Neil Leach: Virilio and Architecture

Mike Gane: Paul Virilio's Bunker Theorizing

Doug Kellner: Virilio, War and Technology: Some Critical Reflections

Sean Cubitt: Virilio and New Media

Scott McQuire: Blinded by the (Speed of) Light

Patrick Crogan: The Tendency, the Accident and the Untimely: Paul
Virilio's Engagement with the Future

Nicholas Zurbrugg: Virilio, Stelarc and `Terminal' Technoculture

Verena Andermatt Conley: The Passenger: Paul Virilio and Feminism

James Der Derian: The Conceptual Cosmology of Paul Virilio

John Armitage: Paul Virilio: A Select Bibliography
Social Theory Cultural Studies  
Cloth  (0761959017)   January 2000   # 49.50 
Paper  (0761959025)   January 2000   # 15.99 

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