Joe Faith on Thu, 3 Feb 2000 22:53:15 +0100 (CET)

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I don't think I've ever heard such a paranoid and sectarian dose of B.S. 

The SWP is a group of socialists who think that the various issues we all
care about --- from Blair's New Thatcherism and the repeal of section 28,
to the impact of GATT on the world's poor --- have a common root. Namely,
an economic system based on production for profit rather than people.

The SWP (of which I am not currently a member) has been involved in every
major campaign against that system over the last 30-odd years.  Sometimes
they have been the first to realise the significance of an issue, and have
had to be voices in the wilderness (I remember being beaten up over
section 28 when few other people were touching it with a barge pole). And
sometimes they have taken some time to realise the significance and
potential of a particular issue. This is a process that we on the
democratic left call "debate", and "learning from one another".

Of course any organisation wants to grow (duhh!) by persuading other
people of a particular viewpoint --- just as the J18 organisers have their
own ideas about how the movement should move forward. No one is talking
about "taking over" anything. (Surely you can do better than 1953-vintage
red-baiting, richard.)

And I'm sorry if SWP members don't wear the right sort of trainers and
aren't all wired (and so have to communicate via print rather than email)
-- but that's people for you. 

Joe Faith
Corporate Whore (pro-tem)

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