Ronda Hauben on Tue, 1 Feb 2000 03:01:10 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> On Herb Schiller's death

Geert wrote:

>[The American media critic Herb Schiller has died Saturday. I asked DeeDee
>Halleck to write a few words for nettime about this tragic event.
>Underneath you can find an interview I did with Herb in Munich, February
>1997 which ran on nettime at that time. geert]


I felt it necessary to add to the tribute on Nettime to Herb Schiller.

I never met him in person. And it is only a little over a year ago that I
actually was in contact with him. I had seen an article he wrote in Le
Monde Diplomatique about the Internet and wondered if he had it available
in English so I did a <finger herb schiller> at the University of San
Diego and found an email address for him. 

I wrote him and asked him about the article and also mentioned what was
happening with the U.S. government activity privatizing the Internet
activity via the Green paper and the International Forum on the White

He encouraged me to keep him informed about what was happening. 

I wrote him about the contact with Ira Magaziner that I was having and the
proposal I was asked to write. And I also sent the proposal to Herb.

He was encouraging through this all and his encouragement was a support to
keep up the challenge. 

I continued to send him articles I or others wrote about what was
happening about the challenge to ICANN. 

At one point it was clear he was becoming too sick to write back. 

Then his dear wife wrote me back. 

I hadn't heard from either for a while so I realized that that wasn't a
good sign. 

Yes Herb Schiller will be dearly remembered and he will be missed. 

With sadness,


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