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<nettime> FC: Internet is a threat to Israel, rabbis say, and ban it

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Saturday 8 January 2000

Internet threat to Israel, say rabbis
By Alan Philps in Jerusalem

ISRAEL'S leading orthodox rabbis have issued a ruling banning the internet
from Jewish homes, arguing that it is "1,000 times more dangerous than
television" and threatens the survival of the country. 

The ruling, issued by the Council of Torah Sages, is an attempt by the
rabbis to halt the inŞltration of "sin and abomination" from the internet
into the homes of the ultra-orthodox, whose children have hitherto been
shielded from the temptations of the modern world. 

The rabbis recalled that they had banned television 30 years ago, and said
that the dangers from the internet were even greater. They said it "puts
the future generations of Israel in grave danger in a way that no other
threat has since Israel became a nation". 



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> Saturday 8 January 2000
> Internet threat to Israel, say rabbis
> By Alan Philps in Jerusalem

Jeez! Took the media long enough to notice.

Orthodox bulletins had been posted on bulletin pillars in Jerusalem and
Bnei Brak for months now, saying this.

In the mean time, Orthodox Jews in Israel will continue to use the Internet
in their offices, where many have programming jobs.


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