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- en francais plus bas -

i would like to (re) introduce you to my graphic design diploma project called and-or.
with it i am trying to set up a dialogue with people about observation and recognition.
and-or is a set of email distributed kind of fanzine where readers are pleased to be active and take part and fun + ideas.

this project is very serious and not commercial.

i need to get more answers and participation, this is why i need to expand my mailing list, so if you think you know people
who would be too intersted in this project please send me emails addresses so that i can send them an issue. there won't be
any bothering, this is a very serious project.

please reply to me with your comments and ideas/information/reactions.
and forward this to your friends.

dialogue is good.



- - - - -

j aimerais vous (re) introduire mon projet de diplome de design graphique nomme and-or.
j essaie de construire un dialogue entre vous et moi autours de la notion de l observation et de la reconnaissance - passage de la notion de l abstrait et de la non attribution a celle de concret et de rapport aux choses connues et deja
and-or se definit comme une somme de mails-experimentations avec un moyen de diffusion entre le fanzine et le dialogue,
j espere donc votre participation - reactions/idees/commentaires/cadeaux...

- merci de m envoyer les adresses de tous vos amis susceptibles d apprecier ce travail et de vouloir m aider - j en ai
besoin - plus on est de fous plus on rit - distribuer ce message a vos amis me rends service -> merci -

ce projet est tres serieux - aucune utilisation commerciale -



- - - - -

is a free email distribution trying to set up a dialogue with you about observation and recognition, and not an only one way
statement. please feel free to answer and take part in creating a dialogue. send stuff. that s what it is meant for. and the
more we are the more fun we have. -> please forward it to your friends.
- - - - -
subscribe + unsubscribe = nice text at dialogue@and-or.org