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[Nettime-bold] internetworked.action

[this message is sent to the nettime-bold list. it is up to
the moderators to send it to the larger list, as it is in
their determination whether or not it is in the best
interests of the readership to see, less read, the following
information which questions the tactics used in moderatorion,
as a way of both public and private critique. this is not a
blanket-statement, but focused upon one or more people in
the nettime-network which are silent, yet through 'spam' let
their voices and opinions be heard. as a consequence, normal
P2P relations that should be able to grow and have a trusted-
network based on ideas are subverted to counter-punches,
from behind a masked network. it is for this reason, to
make clear to those who find a person who writes of
private messages in public spam, not an abberation
of paranoia, but a technique of a corrupted system of
discourse/discursive malpractice, if you like.]

[one precedent to the 'public' or shared use of the spam
network which may or may not have anything to do with this
was written in 2/2001, with regard to forming common policy
ideas and using non-commercial spam to communicate common
ideas. thus, a freedom of speech issue, and some backlash.]


nettime's_anonymizer on 8 Feb 2001 00:23:16 -0000

On The Strategic Use of Spam

by Anonymous


[sometime after that point 2 e-mail lists run for the public
for the subjects of architecture, and another for
electricity were hacked, with the MS Outlook Express
software coming up with an error message "Stop your Fucking
Spamming!" or some- thing such. around this same time. not
that these are related events. also, the two lists hosted at
topica were shut down because someone labeled this person's
e-mail address, who was moderator of these open and public
lists on open and public _educational_ topics, blackholed
and therefore as administrator they could no longer manage
the lists, send mail, etc, as the company had been informed
their listowner was a spammer. who did this is unknown. it
could be due to the nature of the sub- jects, given US
energy policy and whatnot. but also was at the same time
correlated with events written to nettime re: spam.]

[the above URL was sent to nettime moderators through one
person's account, so the moderators knew who the sender was,
and any who read the text probably knew who the writer was.
so it was no great secret. and absurd, and a waste of time,
yet, knowing there might be backlash from traditional
viewpoints, that is why the decision was made, and not to
send via a remailer, which is absurd for this.]

[at the same time, the computer project, a public
educational project was being attacked, maybe by more than
one source. and then a strange 'private' e-mail arrives on
nettime during which time problems were occuring. it seemed
to be a private in-joke or message, or what may be
considered SIGINT, in that there is a signal conveying a
message, that may be encrypted or decrypted in signs and
symbols. in this case the strange e-mail was as follows:

<begin nettime-l post>

nettime's_spam_kritik -- 
Tue, 5 Jun 2001 20:28:20 +0200 (CEST)


<nettime> My , Your easily Impressed.

*   To: <nettime-l@bbs.thing.net> 
*   Subject: <nettime> My , Your easily Impressed. 
*   From: "nettime's_spam_kritik" <nettime@bbs.thing.net>
*   Date: Tue, 5 Jun 2001 07:01:12 -0500 
*   Reply-To: "nettime's_spam_kritik" <nettime@bbs.thing.net> 
*   Sender: nettime-l-request@bbs.thing.net

[This was a multi-part message in MIME format w/ HTML. Orig
From: "Stuart L. Geiger" <________@wi-net.com>].

Accidentally did a search of Phonehometopapa and found you
and your web = within a web. Bad karma bites.  How's your
computer stock ?     =20

#  distributed via <nettime>: no commercial use without
permission #  <nettime> is a moderated mailing list for net
criticism, #  collaborative text filtering and cultural
politics of the nets ...

<end nettime-l post>

[what might be considered somewhat odd about this message
is, like messages of late, it seems to be to an insider
crowd. what is odd is at this time, this message meant
something to this person, in that their work was under
attack, their one communication with the outside world was
with their father, their computer stock was being destroyed,
that the e-mail address was malformed, that the name of the
poster is inaccurate, and it's stated as Spam as the
critique. critique of what. who approved such a message, and
for what purpose? what is being said, why is it being said,
who is saying it (masked), why, and where (wisconsin, that
is whta is known), great old USA.]

[finally, when writing recently about networked.despotism,
it became somewhat clearer that this form of information,
beyond nettime, and beyond whatever the above illustrates,
is used ubiquitously by many people of many different
intentions. so, to talk of one, another may assume they are
talking about something else, and even further bring
themselves out of the woodwork to show their true nature and
purpose. besides 'private' critiques via spam, this is
largely invisible to many others. people who are cared
about, their good nature & intentions are caught in this
more unseemly internetwork of power and control. if one were
to look at the recent nettime-l logs, of the date of March
25, the post about networked.despotism, supposed to be a
three part series, was ended after one post due to concern
about the author, as sent by humans who were concerned about
the person's grasp of things. this is understood, but it is
asked they consider the following info:


Mar 25 ...   [see archives by date for march 2002 at

*   <nettime> "networked.despotism" (scene i) bc

*   <nettime> "really" nettime's_spam_inspector

*   <nettime> "GeoCap: Nietzsche vs. Shakespeare, Tim May
vs. Lawrence Lessig, and the definition of actual property
in cypherspace" ...

*   <nettime> "networked.despotism" (end) human

*   <nettime> "Google Gagged" ...


[please notice that after the first post, the official
(scene 1) of an artwork, no less, art, ideas even. free
thought, ideas, imagination, make or break it, author as
responsible for their words, etc etc, and that, in the
background, notes were passed from this post about the
mental health of the sender. which is understanble. also,
about the knowledge of the sender, what they would write
about, etc. which is also understandable from a human point
of view. yet, still 'private' and with this, it became the
writer's decision to stop writing, as it was too much
pressure to write anymore of this work. as it was
self-defeating, which was already known by the author, but
it was also something that might do something to address the
issue being written about, which in turn was not written
about, by choice of the author, given input from the
atmospheres of writing such things.

yet, please notice upon 'not writing' another post, that
"really", a post from "nettime's_spam_inspector" arrives on
the public list, and the quality of its content, er,
critique, reflects the thing that the writer was going to
address. in a sense, it was a cheap shot, but also masked.
it may have arrived after the 'end' post, even. but it
arrived when it was clear that the effort to write was now
over and would not be pursued in public. it was agreed i
would get some 'fresh air' (a dubious concept). which meant,
in this person's view, to move onward, as things are will
not change.

the content of the "really" message, sent by a
Nettime-Moderator, no less, if one is not mistaken that such
needs to be approved for quality-control, is as follows:


msg00129.html nettime's_spam_inspector on Mon, 25 Mar 2002
11:09:31 +0100 (CET)

<nettime> really

*   To: nettime-l@bbs.thing.net *   Subject: <nettime>
really *    From: "nettime's_spam_inspector"
<nettime@bbs.thing.net> *   Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2002 05:55:07
-0500 * Reply-to: "nettime's_spam_inspector"

----- Forwarded

From: <niladalla.inbox@id.ru> Subject: Really, it's Home
Depot that should make you cream yourself. Date: Sun, 24 Mar
2002 21:59:26

----- Backwarded

#  distributed via <nettime>: no commercial use without
permission #  <nettime> is a moderated mailing list for net
criticism, #  collaborative text filtering and cultural
politics of the nets...


[noticed again this message is 'backwarded', it is from
.russia this time, or so it says, is from a spam_inspector,
or critic, and its subject relates to Home Depot (a US
big-box chain of hardware stores for buidling trades and
consumers) and sexual innueundo. as far as one knows, this
is not an actual person. maybe it is, though. yet, there is
an interesting connection between "spam" and the words in
the spam, one being:


- used primarily by a specific nettime moderator


- a message in all spams, also put as a graphic on the
public electronetwork website, and a word of great meaning
to an individual who has no home.

{nettime's spam inspector}

- indicating that spam is put through the moderation process
and in some way approved, while other ideas may not be

[then, after having critiqued the treatment of a specific
nettime moderator as per the quality of a writer's posting,
looking at logfiles as if were a ridiculous endeavor (ask
any PR, any market- ing org, any intelligence gathering org,
any web statistics dept, that is where the info is, is it
that hard to grasp, yCANNTuCit?]

in any case, a private spam, not from wisconsin (USA) nor
possible pseudo (.ru) subdomain, now directly related to
questiong such a private critique on nettime, private spam
showed up in mailbox, which was then sent onto nettime-bold,
unusual in that it is not the spam i spoke of, nor the only
spam, but nettime-specific, and also from California State
University, or said it was from there, one cannot know,
unless one knows who these people really are...]


HowToKill ...


Return-Path: <stevemiller@howtokillviolence.com> Received:
from yourwebsite.com
(adsl-63-205-8-220.dsl.scrm01.pacbell.net []) by
squid5.laughingsquid.net (8.9.3/8.9.3) with SMTP id TAA14568
for <human at electronetwork dot org>; Sun, 24 Mar 2002 19:49:48
-0800 From: stevemiller@howtokillviolence.com Message-Id:
<200203250349.TAA14568@squid5.laughingsquid.net> Reply-To:
To: human at electronetwork dot org 

Subject: HowToKill ... S

ender: stevemiller@howtokillviolence.com 

Mime-Version: 1.0 
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" 
Date: Sun, 24
Mar 2002 19:59:22 -0800 X-UIDL: l*J"!jHP"!LMP!!MYG"!

We are specialists in the Science of Human Behaviors, with
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Thank you, SEM and JDM


[likewise, as this post was personally addressed, not to a
spam- list, but to one private individual's e-mail, and
then, in turn, once sent to the nettime-bold list, another
e-mail followed which further de-crypted its
impenetrable-mask, the followup spam is as follows, upon
which an 'unsubscribe' command was sent:


>From ???@??? Sun Mar 31 01:24:41 2002 Return-Path:
<stevemiller@howtokillviolence.com> Received: from
yourwebsite.com (adsl-64-165-68-85.dsl.scrm01.pacbell.net
[]) by squid5.laughingsquid.net (8.9.3/8.9.3)
with SMTP id RAA17698 for <human at electronetwork dot org>; Sat,
30 Mar 2002 17:24:41 -0800 From:
stevemiller@howtokillviolence.com Message-Id:
<200203310124.RAA17698@squid5.laughingsquid.net> Reply-To:
stevemiller@howtokillviolence.com To:
human at electronetwork dot org Subject: BOSS: For a peaceful, more
productive work place Sender:
stevemiller@howtokillviolence.com Mime-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Date: Sat, 30
Mar 2002 17:35:42 -0800 X-UIDL: 1_i"!WDI"!dZ'"!A0U"! Status:

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[now, few may need to be told by another how despicable such
a spam is, how abusive it is, how many things are unsavory
about it in all its aspects. yet, it is a _private_ e-mail
that just, as a 'coincidence', occured in direct
correspondance with an interaction with someone who it is to
be proposed _is_ nettime's spam_critic, or part thereof. and
this is the corruption, and the darker network of
discourses, the private arm twisting that most people do not
see. and this is not _real political stuff, the really bad
stuff. this is play, a joke, a slight, a punch below the
mental belt. intimidation. whatever. backchannel, behind the
scenes networking, and this is what network.despotism was
going to be about, in architecture, art, and theory circles.
it is such corruption of thought, of purpose, or morality,
of good intentions, of cooperation (or to others, only
competition), of trusted networks that can work together, of
basic assumptions about basic truths or basic ideas from
which to work/stand to- gether. but this stands in the way.
it ruins networks. it ruins people. it ruins friendships.
peer review. the whole thing. it is an example of a
totalitarian private network running the back- ground, that
one may serve without knowing it. and which may be
critiquing someone through alternative, backchannel
communicat- ions, all the while silent on the frontend.
never discussing in public, but twisting arms in private.
wittingly or not. and it is this thing, that the post that
was never written was going to be written about. this type
of abusive action. and people who are in roles of
responsibility who should be held up to a measure of shared
responsibility. how can one critique an instituion as
'undemocratic' when doing such things behind- the-scenes.
hypocrisy. everyone has to deal with it. yet to ignore it
can be a very bad move. enough to kill a community.

community. not network. community. of trust. of friendship
or shared endeavors, of respect. of no one being at the top
as much as people working in their unique ways for shared
ideas and shared goals. well, this is what, becasue of not
being able to sleep, that is, let go of this conscience, so
as to set the recorded archive straight. and to let those
who are collatoral damage of such devious networks or part
of them, to let them know why things can sometimes turn so
bad that what may seem like irrational decisions are
sometimes the result of a forced-hand played as a result of
a corrupt network which smashes the basis for basic trust
and sharing.

therefore, to the specific people who this has been an
abberation to, this has been bcc'd to. to others, it is
being sent to the nettime-bold list, for moderators to
decide whether or not to make such words public, as it may
not be in their own, private, best interests, should there
be any connection be- teween this low-level spam-critiquing
and power-playing, and at the same time, destructive
retaliations for any questions that question the basis for
assumptions in theories to date.

it is hard to imagine this is the heart of nettime, the
soul, if one could say that, the identity or better, the id.
and it is this basic level of what is right, what is wrong,
on the most basic moral and ethical, legal level, that makes
it a very difficult problem to walk away from, pretending it
is just in one person's head. a crazy person, nonetheless.
if this is just another crazy person's voice, sounding off,
as if, as if something-meant-something, 1:1, or that enough
of a correspondance makes one question such assocations that
are beyond coincidence, who is to be held responsible for
decisions that drive away thought and close the net.castle?]

apologies to those who reached out and were casaulties.

vengeance to those perpetrating this networked.despotism.

[at this rate, it will be very difficult to work together
if people are working against one another all of the time.]

human being
Nettime-bold mailing list