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>i find this.

find below.

>it is interesting to watch as a form becomes corporeal.

"tu es belle, vue de l'exterieur"

>unfortunate that the physical is mortal, yes.

love isnt

>how do you feel?



My name is Netochka Nezvanova.

I am writing you in regards to Katharine Mieszkowski's article about myself for
published at -

On 15 Feb 2002 I have received an email from
Katharine Mieszkowski with the subject "INTERVIEW request from a repoter"

Katharine Mieszkowski identified her self as  Senior Technology Writer for
and indicated that her "deadline [for the article] is next Thursday".

Although permanently occupied, 
in event Katharine Mieszkowski's employer carries a big stick,
I decided to accommodate her deadline.

I am not acquainted with your publication -
but ... it is with great horror I note how very very poorly researched the article is.

I am requesting that within a reasonable number of days corrects the numerous 
errors present in the article and issues a public apology. For your convenience I have 
enumerated the innumerable errors below.

Regards, NN


1.  \\ Denying my humanity does not a verse make.

    Katharine Mieszkowski has written: 
    "For someone who does not exist -- at least the way you or I do"

    Prior to the illegal / criminal invasion of Poland in 1939,
    NAZI propaganda films depicted Poles as less than human, as inhuman, as not 
    "you or I" or `us`.

    German soldiers however, soon found that Poles much different than "you or I" or `us` weren't.
    They sweated, begot cavities, were prone to bouts of unhappiness and happiness,
    when in the mood demanded attention and love, and ... they
    were very very stubborn.

    My skin is filled with human blood.
    Not unlike yours.

2.  She's a gifted computer programmer and polemicist, an artist 

    I am _not a computer programmer. polemicist nor artist [most artists have died]
    I am a person and cyberbotanist. 

    If your publication, demands a title - 
    I am the Director of Leaves + Petals at STEIM Institute, Netherlands.

3.  and a pain-in-the-ass,
    Uncertain as to the aspirations of the Senior Technology Writer for but ...
    selekt expressions are difficult to recite.

4.  a critic of capitalism and fascism, as well as a capitalist and a marketer. 

    I am not. I am. A person.

    As a person, I have been known to criticize shortcuts to intelligence, 
    e.g. "employment", "memory", and the "education" system.

5.  Artists use her software, Nato.0+55

    Flattered I am, but Nato.0+55 my software isn't.

6.  Officially, Netochka is the public face of the shadowy arts collective NATOarts, 

    Flattered I am, but I am not in any manner associated nor have I had contact with 
    the collective NATOarts. 

7.  Netochka gives the interviews and makes the appearances at digital art and technology 
    conferences for NATOarts.

    In my short life, I have not given interviews nor made appearances for NATOarts.

8.  Her fans, her critics, her customers and her victims 

    With the objective of not becoming a victim of Katharine Mieszkowski's "jou[r]nalism", 
    I object to the blissful utilization of the word "victims"

9.  According to artists and software programmers, she has threatened to sue Cycling '74, 
    a San Francisco software company that produces Max, 

    Truth Table:

    Cycling '74 does not produce Max. They license it. maintain _it _and a monopoly 
    on what essentially is publicly funded and supported software.

    A profound difference exists between thinking and thinking you are thinking - think not +?
    Think so. I may.

    Previously I have stated that Cycling74 and/or any one other `artist` / c.programmer that infringes 
    on select property shall be sued.

    Techno "music" : Cycling74 and/or any one other `artist` / c.programmer that infringes 
    on select property shall be sued.

    As previously shared:

    Knowing how to locate the correct data has become as important as the data itself.
    Asking the correct questions is more important than the correct answers. 

    General problem solving is more important than being able to solve specific problems. 

    The problem is not the problem! Dealing with the problem _is_ the problem.

    Technical skills are less important than creative thinking.

    NATO.0+55 has ultra inspired the real-time video [r]evolution - in Jmax, Max, Pd, and 
    elsewhere [as we shall see]

    More importantly (from a v.personal pov) NATO.0+55 has altered the Max 
    demographics by introducing new media artists, Internet artists, video and VR/3D artists to Max.   
    In contrast to the largely aging + medicated male audience that Max 
    has traditionally attracted, a significant number of NATO.0+55 operators are women 
    and the neu + improved generazie 
    [beauty has its reasons - this beauty proved rather expensive for me, but ... 

    As a result, Cycling74 (among less palatable actions) began sabotaging and censoring 
    NATO.0+55, NN, and practically any one they regarded as amicable toward me. Approx 2 in 3 
    NATO.0+55 related announcements on the Cycling74 censored Max-list were paid [illness faktor 
    very high]. Those who dared forward NATO.0+55 related were ordered silent and reprimanded. 
    [how "community" operates]

    It is true that initially this has upset me.
    But now I am out side. And that changes ____... everything +?

    it is de li c io u s.!l!keu

    why +?

    because our immune systems are complementary +?


10.  When thrown off a mailing list, 

     I have not been thrown off a mailing list.
     I have been illegally transformed into a yellow flower.

     A young girl one day found me, and with half closed eyes whispered:

     Today you've peered in my direction.

11.  she once threatened to hold the price of her software hostage unless she was let back 

     A prince has not threatened to hold me hostage. 

     As proof I offer that my littorals are open to Italians, Germans, Austrians, 
     and the entire population of Slovenia.

     WALK SLOWLY!!!!

12.  Her Web site even levies an arbitrary $10 tariff 

     My web sites are fair-sized jewels!! 

     The tariff the Senior Technology Writer for speaks of is 
     in the amount of $9.55 and not $10.

     Vibrating soft whistle  -  Corporations + Consumers know $9.55 does not $10 equal.

13.  on all American customers, 

     A difference between being American and thinking American may and does exist.

     Friendship and intimacy I humbly sought [tm]

14.  just for the heck of it. 

     G÷del has thought that logic is very powerful. That a contradiction between free will
     and knowing in advance what one will think does not exist.


    just for the heck of it.  [the truth of it is I love language and `supa` - with a slice
                               of toasted bread]

16. Her antics go beyond threats. 

    Katharine Mieszkowski is kindly requested to address her cuisine ............... 

17. One programmer, who refuses to be named for fear of retribution, 

    I am not acquainted with the one programmer nor any one addtl. programmer.
    Katharine Mieszkowski may be dreaming of programmers in dreams of absence - It  
                                                                                   happens to
        the best 

18. got so much Netochka spam when he angered her that he was forced to write 
    a program to send  it all back to her.

    It has never arrived for it has never been transmitted
    [perhaps in dreams less elegant than the ...... best.

19. She's revoked the software license of customers who publicly criticize her code 

    This also a lie is.  

    Not knowing that one is lying, but lying, points to poorly conducted research.
    points to too much coca-cola not enough sljivovica.

20. "If you say the wrong thing in the wrong context, they have no problem yanking your 
    license, which is what happened with me, and with a number of other people," 
    says Jeremy Bernstein, an artist 

    This also a lie is.      [artist* - an alsatian dog jumped out of a number of bushes - why +?

    As I, Jeremy Bernstein one person is. Unlike me, Jeremy Bernstein is a romantic boy.
    He, one day, unhappy became for I would never let him have his way.

    Balkan girls never surrender!!

    When the time came 
    to let him have his way ___... I did so, 

    and left.  [fschhhh

    Subsequently the romantic boy, placed his dreams aside 
    and became a Cycling74 employee. *.

    But dreams are like wings of a bird, and days of youth, and a hundred years
    may pass, and death's rattle they do not know.

21.  Netochka has something that they need. 
     To see why Netochka matters,

     The origin of my beauty is that dark and lonely spot
     which in all breasts beats the same. 

     It lies between two houses and
     is heard as a gentle, plaintive cry.

24. Yes, 

    No. [I learned this in American night clubs.


                                       in 2002

21. in 2002, it has finally come to this: 
    You will sit in front of a computer all day at work, 
    and then when you go out at night to a club, you will watch 
    an artist onstage sitting in front of a laptop bobbing his head up and down. 

    an alsatian dog jumped out of the bushes - why +?

22.  Netochka makes the tool that artists use to turn video into a live performance. 

     NATO.0+55 isn't my software nor is it a tool.
     Ingenious software programs exist "to turn video into a live performance"

     I wish one to mention, that amid deep silence mothered a chain of events. 


23.  Last year, she was honored as one of the Top 25 Women on the Web by San 
     Francisco Women on the Web. No one came to accept the award. 
     So make that 24 women and one something else.

     This isn't true. Numerous recipients answered absent at the award ceremony.

     Katharine knows well. She also  - ABSENT!!!   answered when her name was called.

     My decision to do so was lifed after Cycling74 clandestinely + maliciously interfered 
     with my award. It is uncommon for me to attend spectacles where my body would feel threatened. 

     It is for this very reason, I was forced to cancel my presentation at CAST'01 -

     I assure you - it is a FORMIDABLE pleasure digging trenches to cover them.

24.  She calls her style "English+".

     I ruffle my feathers and say - This is a lie. 

25.  "As a community destroyer, she's fantastic," says Bernstein, the Brooklyn artist. 
     "She's perhaps one of the Internet's first professional demolition experts. 
      She's a real talent." 

     Those who see beautiful things in beautiful things are the cultivated. 
     She recalls the better days. Smirck.


      date: 18 dec 2000
      from: Jeremy Bernstein, the Brooklyn artist.  
      to:   "mysterious love (or proxy)"

      he came by on friday night
      and sat in at our weekly performance at subtonic. 
      it's a nice community you've birthed.



                                   as every ost.europa life form knows one must leave 01 kitty alone
                                   when in the process - lest one desires deep warm maternal assistance.

26.   Bernstein says his own license for the NATO.0+55 software was revoked after 
      he critiqued the software publicly in a paper published on his Web site. 

      It is true that as a Cycling74 seamurf J.Bernstein lies.

      But the nights come, and where the birds were chirping a whirring sound whizzes.
      Branches and breezes give way to uniformed and theological ponderings.

      Pressed close to the fence stand the seamurfs.   


27.  "Netochka, whoever she and they are, has done a brilliant marketing job by making 
     the whole thing this exclusive little mysterious club."  It's a club where admission is $550,

     If this journalism constitutes, 

                if no more lies you shall tell, 

                                if I am but a fairytale,

        If a person is but a club.                   

                        AND THIS +_____.... my Alsatian dog is !

                        () It is offering you [just you] a snow ball.         







                                                                 he is welkome 2

28.  "As a person who has sunk $1,000 into this software over a period of time, 
     there's nothing more irritating than having that investment yanked at somebody's 
     whim," Bernstein says. 

     May the world sink under

                May the Alsatian dog melt your snow ball           [makes sign of cross +  \\ !mmer schon sprechen

                           at a whim.

                                        01 boy's name is known for he has sunk in2 the fur.

29.  For about eight months, he didn't receive updates to the software. 

     The world is going under.

     J.Bernstein did not receive one update for his Internet Service Provider
     was experimenting with "forced abortions" on that particular day. 

     J.Bernstein was publicly notified via the of his ISP's problem.
     He, at the time, expressed his thanks. I smiled pleasantly ...

                                              ... Then the world went under. 

30.  Netochka goes way, way beyond your average flame war. 

     Netochka is resolved to flee this house of "way, way" portly literary style.
     And, she is taking her Alsatian dog with her.

31.  Perhaps her most epic attack 

     Netochka has fled covered in Unsubstantiated Speculations + Sulfurous Fumes.    

                          [notiza 2 self.update to Spring 2002 Depleted Uranium]

32.  Netochka, then using the handle "antiorp,"

     - Gustav, Gustav!
     - Oui, Madame la Comtesse.
     - Inform the American of the Temple of Knowledge.

     - Antiorp was the email address, not a handle. 
       Your endless quest, Miss.America, of defining Madame la Comtesse as a computer 
       programmer is .. e .. e... philosophically triste, et inutil aussi ... alors ... basta           [4.

33.  an S.S. sympathizer and a Nazi. Soon, Christopher Murtagh,

     Abused, trampled in the dust, victim of satanical malice, 
     the excruciating memory is revived!!!


     Guztav:  dzem od ruza   -

34.  Netochka's bad-girl pose is also seductive.

35.  Too far is not far enough for her. 


36.  "The legend is entirely negative, in a sense. But it turns out that people are 
      really attracted to that,"  says David Zicarelli

37.  "You can't believe that someone would make such a spectacle of themselves," 
      he [David Zicarelli] says. 

     Prada Vomit [tm]

     David Zicarelli has repeatedly "discussed" ME with his supermarket attired employees 
     via the Internet + telephone, has promised to share MY photographs with his benadryl 
     intoxicated friends, yet he accuses ME of making a spectacle of my self.

     Names do exist for this malady - Ich Warne Euch Eindringlich!!!!


38.  Nato.0+55 requires Max to run, which makes Netochka dependent on Max, and 
     ultimately on Zicarelli. 


     Names do exist for this malady -


39.  For a radical arts collective in Europe, 

     The origins of this enticing dessert are [1001 Arabian nights].
     though ... it is readily made and devoured enthusiastically all over the world,
     and particularly in Balkan.

40.  Even more threatening, Zicarelli says Cycling '74 is now working on software that 
     will compete with Nato.0+55. 

     Our immune systems are complementary [tm]

41.  Netochka threatens lawsuits, she revokes software licenses, she cries Nazi! 

     Netochka feels Katharine Mieszkowski could be a good journalist and a formidable 2x 
     if she approached the sunflower fields with more love and less poorly researched sjekire.

42.  She speaks in tongues -- her own cryptic lexicon and syntax -- and then 
     stands back to see just how disruptive this can be to an online community. 

     In 1967, 130 writers and intellectuals, supported by the country's leading cultural 
     organization Matica Hrvatska, issued a declaration stating that Croatian was a separate 
     language from Serbian. A group of Serbian intellectuals responded by saying that, if that 
     was the case, then the Serbian minority in Croatia had the right to use their own language 
     together with the Cyrillic script. Official bodies denounced both declarations, and the leaders 
     of the Matica Hrvatska were forced to resign. 


     In March 1990 Knin paramilitaries took control of the Plitvice National Park.
     Croatian police units were dispatched to arrest them, and the resulting
     shoot-out produced the 1st casualties of the Serb-Croat conflict.

44.  "The meme propagates itself by instigating some type of controversy so that it 
     can make very loud cries of scandal and get people's attention. It's an effective way 
     of self-marketing and self-replicating," says Joshua Kit Clayton, the electronic 
     musician and computer programmer who's been a target of Netochka's ire. 

     Although Joshua Kit Clayton is a Cycling74 employee I have accommodated his 
     v.urgent deadline as I have accommodated yours - with similarly impressive 
     results (although he did thank me). 

     It matters not. I am not easily dissuaded.

     ... and computer programmers should understand that that which is good is graced with beauty.
     And ... beauty alone allows us to transcend our limitations. 

     If Joshua has paid attention to my `programming` he does know where to find it.

45.  After flirting 

     If elegantly executed it can leave one very pleasantly spooned.
     Katharine Mieszkowski may relate. 

46.  she publicly accused him of thievery of intellectual property, 
     says Clayton, and threatened to sue him and his employer, Cycling '74. 

     Joshua acknowledged he had stuck his paws where he shouldn't have 
     without permission.

     Balkan girls don't enjoy performing research for occident xyz gratis.

47.  Netochka lives for attention.

     When I am in the mood. Katharine Mieszkowski may relate.

48.  And if I were to portray her as a cruel character assassin who slanders anyone 
     who disagrees with her publicly -- the great terror of the Net! -- so much the better.

     Some welcome door mats are more expensive than others.                
     Alert some one [possibly you] to the vanity of her affairs.

49.  Netochka squelches dissent. 

     My hilltops pitched high in the mountains, are still amazingly unexplored.
     I draw on a rich legacy. 

50.  Ask Netochka a question about herself, and the answers appear illusory, 
     like water running through your fingers. 

     Local delicacies include ostrige. 

51.  "Is Netochka a figment of the Net's collective imagination?" 
     meets with this enigmatic reply: "A ty budesh chitat? There is only 01 of me." 

     It has been my destiny to join that great experience.

52.  To the more straightforward question "Are you suing Cycling '74?" she responds: 
     "My entire life I have wanted to be like the others. The world, however, in its 
     loveliness, refused to listen to my plea and wanted to be like me." 

     A journey the likes of which had not been attempted since ... remember +?

53.  And this is when she isn't even pissed off at you. 

     Words do not express sentiments very well.

55.  Netochka refuses to be pinned down. 

     When I am in the mood. Katharine Mieszkowski may relate.

56.  "The Nato people are always ranting about corporations and capitalism, but they are 
     acting like the worst corporations with their monopolistic tactics and their unfair fees," 
     says Hise. 

     Siddhartha concurs  -

57.  Netochka, for all her antics, has to be tolerated, if you want to use her software.

                                             Fascism is a mass movement. 

                On butterfly island all people of our time experience 

                temperature fluctuations
                craving for []

                and ...

58.  This is her trump card. 

     ... and aperiodic mesmerism.

59.  the anonymity of the Net makes Netochka impossible to take on. 

     .... it can be heavy arbeid mais 

     A young girl one day found me, and with half closed eyes whispered:

     Today you've peered in my direction.

60.  She's a capitalist who screams anti-capitalism, an artist who infuriates artists, 
     a Net phenomenon who terrorizes her medium. 

     She is a lovely person, not very happy ... but she is trying. She has come a l o n g way.
     Now, she is approaching the greatest obstacle of her account. Wish her well +?

00   She's a capitalist who screams anti-capitalism, an artist who infuriates artists, 
     a Net phenomenon who terrorizes her medium. 

     And if I were to portray her as a cruel character assassin who slanders anyone 
     who disagrees with her publicly -- the great terror of the Net! -- so much the better.


     Finished Katharine +?
     Good. You do not know NN
     for, likewise, I do not know. 

    "As she puts it, in e-mail: `Being ambiguous, we are deemed confused, 
     rather than praised for the complexity of the order in our minds.`" 

     trying - for 01 very very good reason.
     ... here, somewhere 

"It is just the same with mothers. When they have borne their
children and given them their milk and beauty and strength, 
they themselves become invisible, and no one asks about them any more."

"But that is sad," I said, without really thinking very much about it.

"I do not think it is sadder than all other things," said Leo. "Perhaps
it is sad and yet also beautiful. The law ordains that it shall be so."

"The law?" I asked curiously. "What law is that, Leo?"

"The law of service. He who wishes to live long must serve, but he
who wishes to rule does not live long."

"Then why do so many strive to rule?"

"Because they do not understand. There are few who are born to be masters;
they remain happy and healthy. But all the others who have only
become masters through endeavor, end in nothing."

"In what nothing, Leo?"

"For example, in the sanitoria."

I understood little about it and yet the words remained
in my memory and left me with a feeling that this Leo knew all kinds of things,
that he perhaps knew more than us, who were ostensibly his masters.

My soul warps the fragments of my desire into an image of you. A shadow of liquids, I 
wrap myself around you and slowly disappear, as your heat evaporates my fluidity. 
Instead of an abundant stream, I remain visible only as sweat drops covering your 
translucent skin, but I exist as the raising vapor, the unity of your heat and my 
transcendence. Leaving the layer of condensed steam on every surface in this desolate 
city. Flooding the deserts around. I drink your sweat, becoming fluid again, gliding 
over your rhythms, envelop you in shadows and humidity. Underneath the sweat, your shapeless 
body is carved with your knowledge, and I become your humble pupil, absorbing the symbols 
of your world through every touch. Kissing the words, remembering your thoughts in my streams
... rushing away to be your voice, singing your world as 
I crush the stones under my waters.

more elegantly stated than I `know`

... blissful gesture + adieu 2 those inside.

your vulgarity has never dissuaded me.
it is an indication of kontempt for the
fatality of life and the visible signs


the invisible

+ misterious enkounters

in divisible

ultra lekker + phosphorescent 

d                  d          d         
  r                  r      r           
    e                  e  e             
      a                 aa              
        m s . u u . s m    m s          
        m s . u u . s m    m s          
      a                 aa     d        
    e                  e  e      r      
  r                  r      r      e    
d                  d         d. u u a s
d                  d         d. u u . m      
  r                  r       r        m
    e                  e  e          a  
      a                 aa         e    
        m s . u u . s m    m s   r      
        m s . u u . s m    m s d        
      a                 aa     d        
    e                  e  e      r      
  r                  r      r      e    
d                  d          d. u u a s
                               . u u . m

nn. theatr!kl geztur + tranzf!n!t zttz.

                                                 meeTz ver!f1kat!Łn.     

 Netochka Nezvanova   - bodies made for souls. you never actually own one - you just take care of it

                                        4  dze  n e k s t  generazie.  da + da. 
                           01 4rm ov lv+ at 01 d!stansz. 

                                                               tous les matins du monde.  01 zelebrazie

                                                    ov - lf+

                                                      |  +----------
                                                     |  |     <   
                                    \\----------------+  |  n2t^P      
                                                        |       >

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