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[Nettime-bold] Trolley Transponder chip implant

This is REAL

> On 11-05-2001 04:09 pm
> Ben Taylor( posted:
> Dear Sir,
> I can tell you alot about the things that you are looking for complete
> Scripture and Historical Reference!
> The Microchip that your are making reference to is called a Trolley
> Transponder (ltd) and operates at about 6-9 megahertz and higher! It can
> directly referenced on the World Wide Web (WWW=666)I will give you the
> "Hyperlinks" at the end of this message! This microchip has secretly been
> used for about 20-30 years!
> US army personal began receiving the mark in their right hand back in the
> early 80's, not by choice! The Marine Corp. began to utilize the Microchip
> heavily during the Persian Gulf War!
> They would generally implant the chip during Immunization! The Microchip
> about the size of the tip of a #3 pencil lead and very small, some are
> larger! It is listed on the Military Personel Immunization Card!
> Now to create a society of people who will wear this mark they must create
> situation where people are required to wear "The Mark" and this situation
> will be for National Security purposes! Example people receiving
> immunization against "Anthrax, Smallpox, and many other bio-chem
> Also Airports have begun using the transponders both in the cockpit and on
> passengers before boarding a flight!
> The purpose in implanting Military Personal is for Satellite tracking,
> Identification, and extraction from behind enemy lines! However, it can
> be used for other multiple purposes! Example, the same company that makes
> Trolley Transponder also makes Smart chips for credit and debit cards! But
> why stop there, Transponders are easier to implant and you do not have to
> worry about theft or loss!
> In general, most of the people who are now wearing the transponders are
> government officials and military policing personal! Of course these
> have been rotated out at regular intervals!
> The Trolley Transponder is also commonly used in the market places in many
> of the European Community Markets!
> You will also note that Microchip implantation is growing in the Medical
> Community! Where it is being used for patient location and identification,
> 911 location and retrieval (Ambulance services)and in the next few years
> will be a required for all new born children!
> In explanation, this is the Number of the Beast, the Mark of the Beast,
> the Number of his name! Ready! here goes! In reference to Hebrew Aramaic
( a
> latter form of Hebrew used during the time of Jesus Christ and his
> disciples, also the Apostles and "John the Revelator")in early Hebrew just
> as in many languages letters of the aleph-beit were used as number s the
> same applies for the Hebrew Aramaic, with a notable change!In old
> Hebrew the letter "Vav" is used as the number 6! In New Testament Hebrew
> Aramaic, the letter "Waw" is used as the number 6! "Vav" in Enlish is the
> letter "V" which means (vvv=666)! However, in latter Hebrew Aramaic, "Waw"
> in English is the letter "W" which means (www=666)! Of course you know
> WWW is! It is a reference to the "World Wide Web!" Now pay attention,
> because God performed a remarkable revealing here! In Hebrew when numbers
> are represented by letters and viceaversa they are called "Torah Codes"
> Torah (Hebrew name, femine gender, meaning "The Law" cons
> Torah Codes can reveal virtually everything when set at proper interval
> distances! They are a type of binary code very simular to Java Script and
> HTML on a Computer desktop! One major difference is that all the codes
> pertain to the world are exactly the same! However, all of the codes that
> are in reference to the spirit are exactly opposite! And these codes work
> with every known phonetic language!
> One major difference is that in Torah Code there is a "one" which is Aleph
> but there are no "zero's" everything has value to God and God himself is
> aleph-Tav or greek equivalent Alpha-Omega! The symbol for Aleph-Tav is a
> "Cross" which predates even ancient Egyptian! Dating all the way back to
> beginning of the World! There are about roughly 144,000 jewish priest that
> wear this symbol in their foreheads today! These are the chosen and elect
> God building for the "Millenium reign" when the true "Messiah" will rule,
> but we are not there yet!
> The "Number of the Beast" (666 or www), "The Mark of the Beast" (Trolley
> Transponder microchip), or the "Number of his Name, ( The access
> codes) which link the individual to the World Wide Web), are now
> in use!
> Now let's discuss the current events! As they are Happening!
> We will begin with "The Eden Project!" "The Eden Project" as it is
> to, began during WWII. It was founded by Anthony Eden of the British
> Parliament and from such receives it's name! In a letter to President
> Franklin Delanore Roosevelt(FDR), President of the USA, Mr. Eden outlined
> planned goal for the reconstruction of Europe, at which time (10) Ten
> regions would be given control of Europe and oversee its reconstruction!
> These ten nations would also control disarmament world wide and are thus
> called (The Ten Nation "Commission for Disarmament")! At the end of World
> War II the skeletal structure for this system was implemented along with a
> second System which will be discussed later! Building the EEC (European
> Economic Community)We now begin to discuss "The Beast" and "The Image of
> Beast!"
> Just as the developement of the EEC begins the Rise of the Beast through
> world markets, the developement of the world banking system begins the
> of the Image of the Beast!
> Now let's step back a second and give the overview! The skeletal structure
> named earlier was the beginning for the strength and power of "The United
> Nations" just as the "Ten nation Commission for Disarmament was being
> developed, and the foundation of the UN began to take shape in 1943 at the
> Sanfranscisco conference! The second Sanfranscisco Conference of 1944 also
> called the Bretton Woods Conference (for the Bretton Woods system of
> Banking)began the Rise of two major Banking systems (the two Notable Horns
> of the Image of the Beast)! One called the IMF (International Monetary
> and the second called the IBRD (International Bank of Reconstruction and
> Developement) known as the "World Bank"! Membership in the IMF or the IBRD
> required large amounts of Gold!
> Mean while the Bretton Woods system failed and was replaced by a newer
> system Known as "The EC (European Community)Snake" The EC Snake as it was
> called developed through Monetary loans to European countries, a "Common
> Market" which later developed into the "EEC (European Economic Community)!
> The EEC then later developed into what we know today as the "European
> Union"! However because of different currencies values and their exchange
> rate fluctuation allowed some countries to take advantage of other
> and thus the "European Central Bank" began structuring a separate Union
> which is now known as the "European Monetary Union (EMU)" The "European
> Monetary Union began with only (10) Ten countries but by the time it was
> launched an "Eleventh" member was added, only after it had miraculously
> established economic stability! The "Eleventh" country was Italy (where
> is)! Italy had been in financial straits since WWII when the Vatican lost
> billion in Gold donations that were intercepted by British and
> January 1, 1999 The new Union was launched (EMU) and will continue until
> June 30, 2002 (exactly 3 1/2 years) with the adding of the "Eleventh
> Three of the original nations opted out! They were Great Britain, Sweden,
> and Denmark! Pay attention now because this is "Daniel Ch. 7"
> It will be at the end of this 3 1/2 year period when the Antichrist will
> take control, being endorsed as a world peacekeeper, by the Pope, and
> perhaps as the Messiah!
> The purpose for the EMU is to create a single currency for all nations and
> to allow annexation of any country that can prove to maintain a stable
> enough economy to become a part of it! Presently there are about 16 more
> nations preparing to become a part of the EMU and because of their
> are creating great controversy with Russia! You may ask why? and the
> is because many of these countries are former Soviet Union controlled
> nations! They are also being given NATO membership! As the Currency is
> launched then the world begins to move into the "Cashless Society" In the
> Cashless Society the microchip becomes common place!
> Presently the IMF (International Monetary Fund)and the IBRD International
> Bank of Reconstruction and Developement) have made loans to most of the
> nations in the world! The terms are harsh for already starving nations!
> Short term limits with extremely high interest rates! If a nation cannot
> repay the loans then they must surrender over by contract and allow the
> and IBRD to restructure their Political and Economic systems until the
> can be repayed!
> Shift in the World Order! Up to this point the United States has been the
> strength of the Western World! However, because of the "Bombing of the
> the Economic shift has been toward Europe, specifically the EU and the
> As the American economy falls the Europeans Unions is going through the
> roof!
> If you are interested in this analysis and others, which will include more
> scripture, better descriptions and correspondance of the two! Please
> me through my e-mail address
> Other internet sources!
> Other sources
> AFR news broadcast of AMERICAN FAMILY RADIO 91.9 FM
> "666 Mark of the Beast Scare in Israel" July 21, 2000
> KTBS Channel 3 NEWS
> "666 Mark of the Beast Scare in Israel" July 21, 2000
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