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she wrote "when he starts falling down on his badness, you must test him,
goad him. maybe lean back on the bar and thrust out your wonderbra 
and say `will you allow him to speak to me comme ca ?`

lady elaine who lived in _king arthur's day_
opposed men's fighting. "most women want _their men to go out
and fight for glory. when the men are brought in `translated`
or wounded [they asked: did you bring me back a bikini +? 2x simply.SUPERIOR i say]"


       is coming to    in october, so more rt interaction +
persuasion techniques (short skirts and big boots and lots of makeup always
work ;). I am on the case, really, but all the people i know are so busy,


>you have a lot of sense of humor, but you 
>present it with a very serious face; are you a humorist?

The shooting of migratory birds has long been an important part
of Mediterranean culture. As elsewhere a male's success as a hunter 
is intimately linked with his status and ultimately his reproductive success. 
Status for the Mediterranean male is all important and tradition dictates 
that an xy objekt who fails during a hunting expedition can expect his [marker] 
wife to be unfaithful. 

In parts of Italy it is widely believed that an xy objekt must shoot
a honey buzzard each year if the wife is to remain faithful. This belief 
is so strong [marker] and so powerful [marker] a motivation is the idea 
of female fidelity that even after they have emigrated to the united states 
many Italian males return home each year to shoot a honey buzzard.

In order to perform this ritual the male usually leaves his [marker] wife behind.
In fact in some instances it is the wife who encourages him - 
       Honey!! Go shoot a honey buzzard!!

          lets pause = breathe


dze tabl = kovrd !n u!te kloth + z!tuatd outz!de dze arkadez ov o1 
r!ch.bored.edukatd gardn. !t !z zpr!ng + dze l!lac = bloom!ng.
2 u!n dz!z game 1 muzt assembl dze p!kturz ov 01 dream ov
fem!n!n pouer + jo!.

          !n zlkt barnakl zpec!ez malez = merel! bagz ov zperm 
          !n zpez!al pouchez !nz!de dze female ____.....

venl!g h!lsen.

        order hier. experiment elsewhere.
        automation + purifikation - just.1.!blink


        Irena Sabine Czubera
                                                     |  +----------
                                                    |  |     <   
                                   \\----------------+  |  n2t      
                                                       |       >

> 4. They called alex galloway a honey buzzard.

What's up with that?  Like there's all this messed up "or!entl 
fyootchr tekn0" language, and then suddenly out of the blue -- "honey 
buzzard."  That's pretty darned funny, you have to admit.

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