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I am Mohammed Abubakar the first son of the late secretary to Federal

Government of Nigeria during the erstwhile Regime of late General 
Sanni  Abacha former Nigeria Head of State. My fathers  name is 
Dr. Sanni Abubakar ,he died in 1997 as a result of ill-health.
Before the death of my father, he willed the sum ofUS$20.5 million 
Dollars in my name because I am his first son he so much rely and 
trust on other of my half brothers from the other wives are nuissance.

This money accrued from his life savings and financial gifts from 
people he helped while he was in the office meanwhile, my late father

married six wives, my mother is his first wife.
Unfortunately, my mother has been poisoned to death in January 2001 
by one of my late fathers wives because all the other wives are 
envious and against her and her children including me due to this 
sum my late father willed to me. As at today I am under hiding because

they want me dead or alive by all means. Infact it is sad to inform 
you that today my younger brother who is in hiding with me has been 
assasinated when he left our refugee quaters under the missionary. 

Fortunately, I have successfully moved this fund out of my country 
Nigeria through the Assistance of a security company in Nigeria 
whose management I got to know during the period my late father 
was the secretary to Federal Government of Nigeria. 
Currently ,this fund is deposited with this security companys branch

 office in a neighbouring country very close to Nigeria, for an 
investment opportunity. This security company also has its Affiliate

branch offices in USA, Asia and Gulf states. Information I gathered 
recently from my contact is that 
this security company where this fund is deposited is charging very 
high for safe keeping if for me, he now advised that I should try 
as much as I can and look for the assistance of a trustworthy and 
reliable foreigner since I need to invest this money, who can assist

me claim this fund and safe keep 
it for me, to avoid defeating the objective of moving it out of Nigeria.

 Based on the good recommendation made about you and my desire to 
save the souls of my younger ones who are living, I could not
hesitate to contact you sincerely so that you can assist me claim 
this money from the security company where this fund is deposited 
or through any of their affiliate branch offices in USA or closer to

You would open a non resident account where this fund would be lodged

into before subsequently transferring into your account in your 
country where I would fly in with you and my Attorney by name Chief 
Barrister P.T .George for the purposes of sharing  it and concluding

on any viable investment as you may advice.

I sincerely promise to compensate you with 30% of this fund for 
assisting me to claim and safe keeping it, while the remaining 65% 
would be used to venture into any profitable business from your 
country which would still be under your supervision and advise, 
5% for any incidental expenses. There is no risk involved in this 
assistance you are about to render to me at all, as all modalities 
regarding its successful completion have been duly put in place 
and concluded by my attorney awaiting your response. 

I seriously and honestly rely upon you as I now see you as the only 
and last resort that would see me through this problem that has 
been disturbing me for a longtime, please do not disappoint me. 
Urgently reply to this e-mail to enable me link you to my attorney 
for commencement of the claiming modalities. 

Please keep this appeal very confidential while thanking you for 
anticipated co-operation and assistance.

(First Son) 

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