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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Entertainment Globalization Initiative


I agree with Mary-Lou, this is freaky bad shit.  I mean, two million years of 
hell on earth bad.  I doubt if nn likes it either.  Eryk can't like it, can 
he?  What about Brad, Alex, JD Keller, and Dan Schneider?  I doubt if anyone 
likes it really.  They think it's a military necessity.  

People just don't see all the metaphorical implications!!!!!!!!!!!

Max Herman
The Genius 2000 Network

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> Subj:  <nettime> Entertainment Globalization Initiative
>  Date:    6/29/2001 9:30:03 AM Central Daylight Time
>  From:    MLHarding@ubminternational.com (Mary-Lou Harding)
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>  This is my first post to nettime, and I do feel it would be of interest to
>  some members.
>  I've managed to become added to an events list and received the following
>  this morning. I find the concept of an 'entertainment globalisation
>  initiative' chilling to say the least. Looking at the relevant website, my
>  immediate reaction is, unsurprisingly, that despite transparent attempts
>  to balance the debate with a topic entitled Media and Ethics: Balancing
>  Human and Social Concerns with Global Corporate Expansion.......this is
>  just all about how to transfer offline domination of entertainment
>  channels in all markets online. I'd appreciate nettimers thoughts on
>  this...and the seemingly bizarre naming of Shimon Peres as keynote
>  speaker....
>  -----Original Message-----
>  It is with greatest pleasure and our great honor that we announce our
>  first confirmed Keynote speaker for the up-coming Entertainment
>  Globalization Initiative, on October 1-3 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel -
>  Shimon Peres, Foreign Minister of Israel, Nobel Peace Prize winner and
>  architect of the Mid-East Peace Accords.
>   It is the goal of the "Entertainment Globalization Initiative" to
>  facilitate the commitment to artistic, economic and cultural opportunity
>  through global cooperation and commerce.  Through the involvement of the
>  entertainment and technology industries as well as worldwide governmental
>  organizations, this three day conference will, we hope, spark the creative
>  experience forward.

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