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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Uh-0h....

nettime's_roving_reporter wrote:

>      [via Bruce Sterling <>]
> Monsanto, which created on of the GM canola strains,
> says that if farmers' call the company, they'll send out a
> team to manually pull up the weeds. But Martin Phillipson,
> a University of Saskatchewan law professor, said that
> Monsanto may be liable for damages if their GM canola
> continues to spread.

This sounds most important to me. There is something we might not have thought
to be a direct and beneficial consequence of GMOs : in a near futur, they will
need one human behind each plant, to prevent her from reproducing and spoiling
the neighbours crops, or from  infringing the biotech moguls'patents.
An unexpected solution to unemployment which could lead us to turn to pro-GMOs
!!! Uh-oh !


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