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[Nettime-bold] Undestanding Virtual Teams from OnLine Education

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Are your virtual teams more like invisible teams? Do you need to earn some Professional Development Unit time?

"Understanding Virtual Teams" from OnLine Education can help....

Virtual Teams have become an increasingly important part of business success. The creation of virtual teams with members geographically scattered but electronically connected has set many companies on fire. Yet for all their power and flexibility, virtual teams face greater obstacles than traditional teams do.

Organisational networking expert Dr. Ben Roach together with OnLine Education provide the keys to successful virtual teams, showing you how to harness a virtual teams potential while avoiding many potential pitfalls. Using a powerful web based training system, it demonstrates the techniques, mechanics, and communications required to build the virtual teams that supercharge an enterprise.


Most virtual teams waste time and money trying to get themselves organised. Expensive face-to-face meetings and conference calls, unproductive use of email and groupware, missed deadlines all plague virtual teams.


Virtual teams can now get off the ground at Internet speed with Understanding Virtual Teams, an intensive online training programme which goes beyond technology to help you understand how to facilitate collaboration, resulting in increased innovation and productivity, faster time-to-market, reduced costs and smarter teams. Teams who use this training programme achieve new heights of productivity.          

Understanding Virtual Teams from OnLine Education Ltd will give you this critical understanding in 6 demanding, fascinating, relevant and, above all, productive Professional Development Units. The programme uses the Adaptive Learning System (ALS) as a medium of instruction, which adapts to the knowledge level of each individual learner!

One (1) PDU (Professional Development Unit) may be earned for each documented hour of self-directed learning that enhances project management knowledge or skills. Understanding Virtual Teams has six hours worth of PDU!

"Understanding Virtual Teams provides valuable insights into global teamwork and management through network technologies now available to all companies, large or small."

Ken Ziertan, Johnson & Johnson


"Developing the capacity to create and sustain global teams is the business challenge of the 21st century."

Bill Gates, Microsoft

If you're part of one or building a virtual team and suspect that something's missing, it may be the pieces about relationship-building across distance, time zones, and culture.  Team training using Understanding Virtual Teams from OnLine Education could be the answer.  Ask us!

Want to learn more?

For more information click here now, please visit OnLine Education website or email: OnLine Education can also be reached by telephone (+852) 2802 2328, or fax (+852) 2827 1718.

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Fergus Barr

Communications Manager

OnLine Education Ltd


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