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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Re: Only 5% of laid fibre is lit in USA

You are so right, Geert! And we shall take e.g. on the DAB, DVB-T and
surplus-fiberoptic bandwidth existing but not (really) utilised to
deliver Internet-content to non-computing devices for mostly
non-commercial purposes like education and development.




geert lovink wrote:
> Dear Nettimers,
> It could be useful for the debate over broadband, to read the Wall Street
> Journal article Michael Gurstein referred to. It's quite a remarkable turn.
> Dotcom turns New Deal. The media/IT industry is begging the Federal
> government to build a broadband network for everyone. The article only talks
> about tax cuts, not about ownership and control over pipes. That would
> remain firmly in corporate hand, I suppose. This would be a good opportunity
> to express the demand for a public digital domain.
> BTW: Broadband layout is not only stagnating in the USA. The same counts for
> diverse countries such as Germany, Japan and Australia. DSL is not in the
> interest of telecoms which have to invest a lot and get back little,
> compared to what they can charge (corporate) customers at the moment.
> The message below comes from Declan's Politech list.
> Ciao, Geert

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