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[Nettime-bold] Very Urgent

Dear Sir,

I am HAJIA (MRS.) MARIAM ABACHA wife of the Late Nigerian Head of State,
GEN. SANNI ABACHA. We have not met before, I got your contact through
Nigerian chamber of commerce and I feel like I should trust you. It is
no news telling you that my family has been going through untold hardship
since the 18th June 1998 when my husband died, my family has lost so
much including some fixed assets my husband acquired while in power

 Evidently, the pages of all Nigerian Dailies, which you can equally
get from Nigerian Embassy in your country will tell better our story.
Even now, our homes are under surveillance; worst of all, the Government
has resorted to confiscating everything that has to do with our family.
Before the death of my husband, General Sanni Abacha, he ran among other
business of his own a “BUREAU DE CHANGE”, which was flourishing with
every Government support.

 From the Bureau De Change Business which has now been clamped down on
by Nigerian Government, I was able to save US$53 Million in cash. I tried
to safeguard it in a security company here in Nigeria but couldn’t. Through
the help of a close family friend who works in the Security Company,
I diverted the US$53 Million and moved it out of Nigeria under the label
of photographic material to a security company in a neigbouring country.

For security reasons, I wouldn’t mention the name of the country until
I hear from you. In view of our condition here and the high interest
rate the security company charges, the money could not be safe there.
I would therefore need your honest assistance to clear this fund from
the Security Company and safeguard it for me in your country. Should
you help me in this regard, you will have 25% of the money for yourself
and guide me further to invest the remaining 70% in any viable business
venture. while 5% is earmarked to cover expenses contingencies.

 Please if you ever find it in your heart to help me, contact my lawyer,
Bar. Patricks Agu Williams & co. for further discussions on his email: Your telephone and fax numbers will also be needed
to enable my lawyer get back to you with the lodging code and clearance
permit from the Security Company. As soon as you send this information
through my lawyer, I will go ahead and instruct the Security Company
to arrange for you to pick up the consignment.   While thanking you for
your anticipated understanding and cooperation, I look forward to your
urgent response.
Best regards, 


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