Risque ][of][ N.fection on Thu, 28 Jun 2001 01:37:45 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-bold] Sig.N.ature ][licking the signature static][

<Back.space> <---stretched breakbeat point
<Back.break> <---motionless and ][co][de][ine][pendent 
<Back.less> <---jilt & phreak the o][e][ther

-------------------------][f][licking the s][ig.nature][tatic switch

<Shift.tingles> >----my fingers bleed want.on/off c][w][ords
<Shift.telling> >----my head revolves in2 d][na][ust
<Shiftless> >----my back crumbles b-neath graven texts

<D.lete> |--------my eyes abort
<D.nouement>|-----my arms crack luddites
<D.phace> |------my ears sing sonar

------------------][n][au][ghty][diophonet][h][ics meat][y][ings 
      --------------shuffling off ov awkwardian feet

[my discourse is tyred
copycattishness vs photocopied
a diesel smearing
oiled slickness drowning 
my pe][vi][trolling ][h][eavi.dent.]

i search n destroy, 
.re][a][plete. .delete. .re.peat.

<b][elow the][link>


Backspacings stretched b.yond a breakbeat point
Back breakages = motionless and codeine co.de.pendent 
Back][more or][less jiltings & phreaking the other ether

flicking the _Sign Nature_ switch
][licking the signature static][

Shifting tingles as my fingers bleed want.on/off wurdcords
Shifts of telling my head 2 evolve DNA dust
Shiftless - my back crumbles b-neath graven texts

Deleting - my eyes abort
Denouement - my arms crack luddites
Defaced - my ears sing static

naughty audiophonethics meetings 
shuffling off of awkward poetic feet

[my discourse is tired
cattishness vs the photocopied
a dyptych smearing
oiled savagery drowning 
my Petrarch heavy & evident.]

i search .....&....search......&....... replete delete repeat



.           .    ....         .....
 n.sect.ile x.cuts.x .go.here. xXXx             
.... .               .???  .......

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