florian schneider on Tue, 26 Jun 2001 18:59:09 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-bold] Re: new actonomy

> From: "John Armitage" <john.armitage@unn.ac.uk>
> I would have thought the last thing we need is even more rules ...
> John

new actonomy rules ok!

no, seriously: i have no problems with borders, as 
long as i can cross them. i have no problems with 
rules, as long as i can break them.

but i cannot collaborate, if i do not find at least
parts of a common ground, if i do not exchange 
experiences, if i do not stylize them, if i 
do not make them productive by putting them from
one context into another -- just to see, if it works
or not. 

i've started with the text for a lecture in vienna 
referring only to the "no one is illegal" campaign 
in the beginning of april, geert continued and by 
joined forces and collective efforts of some others 
it may grow, change, morph, become more abstract 
and more concrete, the opposite or whatever. it's 
not about placebo- or pseudo-subversiveness, let 
alone value-judgement: good is, what is useful 
or advantageous, what makes a given activity better 
or more powerful or stronger. in times of networking
we don't have to start from point zero nor to 
repeat the same mistakes over and over again, as 
i know it from offline world. and that's the way 
rules in general may make sense. if you write a 
script or if you do smth, you use a certain 
language, which consists of rules. if you don't 
like them, use another one, improve it or invent 
your own! but let's keep in touch!

still don't like such rules? 


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