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[Nettime-bold] FIELD 27: SCOTT deLAHUNTA & HOMOGENIUS tomorrow [ press ]


An evening of contemporary digital art, live performance and debate.

     Tomorrow - Wednesday 27 June 2001, 8pm (doors 7:30pm)
     Sussex Arts Club, 7 Ship Street, Brighton
     Free entrance

Scott deLahunta presents 'Software for Dancers' - a collaborative 
project between the Sadler's Wells, Random Dance Company, WRA and 
ACE, which has developed a digital creative rehearsal tool for 
choreographers.  Scott is currently a Research Fellow and guest 
lecturer at Dartington College of Arts and has worked as a technology 
consultant for the Laban Centre and is a partner of Writing Research 

Simon Poulter presents Homogenius, a Powerpoint presentation 
evaluating the relationship between homosexuality and genius in the 
last 100 years. Using the established business vernacular cliché of 
Powerpoint, Poulter touches on outré subject matter.  Homogenius has 
been supported by the J.A. Clark Charitable Trust, Watershed and DA2. 
Poulter's previous works include Hyperphilately and Microhenge. He is 
a co-founder of the PVA Media Lab in Dorset.

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Upcoming FIELD events include...  Foreign Logics & The Dreamer

FIELD is co-programmed by Lighthouse and BN1 and generously supported by
South East Arts.

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For further information please contact David Sinden at Lighthouse on 
01273 384222 or

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