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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Echelon exists. Now it's official!

>Echelon computers can store millions of records on individuals,
>intercepting faxes, phone calls, and emails. The report was prompted by
>claims that the US and other nations was using Echelon to spy on European
companies on behalf of American firms.

Excellent. Privacy -- in any case a privilege of a small minority of 
the European middle classes for a brief perod of a hundred and fifty 
years -- is now over. The Private Self is no longer a political 

What is even more remarkable is that Echelon no longer respects 
private property. The private individual was never an essential 
element of capitalism. Now we learn that capital does not need 
private intellectual property either.

Nettimers should welcome and encourage the development of such 
progressive technologies.


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