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[Nettime-bold] Re: Syndicate: FW: commentary on signal transduction

"ana peraica" <>

>HI Anna, and others...

subsidiary - he!deger + zartre = began 2 ur!te + za!d. ue = lv++ !nd!v!zbl uholez.

>I am receiving so much of e-mail reactions.... Unfortunately interesting
>writings arrive to my own address, not to lists, and seems the problems of
>censorship, moderation et. al. are very hot, at least on two lists
>(Syndicate and Nettime the first). Censorship seems to still be the topic
>people prefer to discuss in private... I would try to write the reply and
>ideas I have got in one single e-mail as replying this would take some
>time... (of summer).
>For myself, though I didn't want to get involved in the historical
>developement of networking, the ideas of creators etc. as my interest was
>not at all to point on its artistic or others rhoutes, but to go a step
>further, which I found interesting - critique of the network, fallen
>promises and end of the hype. 

tranzlaz!on - global!zaz!on = dze end of the hype.

>to go a step

2uardz dze end +?

eluz!dat zvp 01 ztep furdzr.

>For the de/scralisation of it, because of
>using only a single way of interpretation (which I tried to avoid more
>literally by comparing networks of the veneral diseases, urbanistic ones et.
>al) many were not ready.
>But in this reply of Anna I found several topics that were of my interest;
>bulk e-mail and (self - if taken as an independent body) organization. Maybe
>this discussion is now too particular (located) for the theory, but
>Anna wrote:
>> Integer was banned from the syndicate, nettime, rhizome and infowar list
>at the same time?
>As far as I know Syndicate is unmoderated; 

az far az nn knouz
andreaz = 01 buter fl!

= ud b akzeptabl !f he dreamt.

>of course, question is how this

of course, question is how this is a question ?

>of all-can-post becomes at one point the tiranny of a single
>person, and suffers from the reversal of the quality. Two days ago I got the
>reply of Andreas as my e-mails were not getting through; and I made a joke

dze blank zpazez ov d!sz page != blank rel!

>>> either seems someone unsubscribed me in real, or there is a censorship on
>the Syndicate, but my e-mails (UN-art and
>>> Unsubscribe texts) are not passing to the list since yesterday. I checked
>the archive, and they are not there  too. And I was >> thinking also how to
>send something entitled Unsubscribe in  the body of message, so I put the
>starr * before the title, >> hoping Majordomo will not recognize as a
>command. But seems a human agent did... They like to be commanded probably?
>Andreas wrote;
>> the syndicate has no moderation but admins who help people who are too
>lazy  to adjust to the technical rules of
>> majordomo to get their stuff on the list.
>Michael Benson wrote:

 Michael Benson != h!z parentz ass!gnd name. 
 ma! b dez!rabl rap!dl! konzult!ng 01 okz!dent zoo 

 illusion 2d is comfort.
 illusion 2d is people.
 allusion 2b is international efficiency.
 allusion 2b is free will.

>> Maybe, as with nettime, we can make two  lists -- one featuring 8/10ths
>posts by whatshername and one without. That
>> way people don't have to go to the trouble of filtering out the crap, they
>can just freely choose, and meanwhile accusations > of censorship won't have
>to be slung so freely around.

01 v.`Michael Benson` tanz.

nn != zubzkr!bd. `Michael Benson` = zubzkr!bd. 
nn zagt kraFt_durch-freude.

>way people don't have to go to the trouble of filtering out the crap,

akompl!shd b!:
00. remov!ng e!e komponentz + purchasz!ng 01 balena.
02. 01 ekzkurz!e 2 01 b!bl!otek + peruz!ng dze `crap`

>way people 

illusion of international efficiency.

>don't have 

illusion of free will.

>to go to the trouble 

allusion 2 comfort.

>of filtering out the crap,

allusion 2 people.

>Anna wrote:
>> First of all we all learn that these  lists were connected. Their
>moderators control (too much) and they lack humour - or the > time did not
>come when people accept no censorship, no jury rules.
>Now, I am again not sure on this point; whether it means connections of
>moderators (and then a kind of conspiracy) 

conspiracy of zooz 2 provide 01 veritable spectacle for civilized white apez \ `people`.

>or the connection of subscribers
>/ subscriptions, and then merging of networks... For the first I think it is
>totally the opposite, but the second one is the truth.

truth = 01 zubt!l l!e. 
proov it.

>Anna wrote:
>> Didn't we| learn something about hidden and visible aspects of the email?
>Did some mailing lists die out? Finally!
>That is what i think too.
>(end that falls out the discussion)
>> Eternity is a religious notion? Which concept is not?
>I would rather say which one is not political; maybe it is a matter of
>interpretation, so I don't quite consume religion, or its notions.

!f u d!dnt du != ud knou u d!dnt hensz du = do da.da.da+da.

>Note; Nokia telephones and Dalai Lama on Life are spams... 

konkluz!e - telephones = Lamaz = spams

>First one is a
>commercial spam, and the second a spiritual one 

konkluz!e - telephones = Lamaz = spams = 1zt komerz!al + 2nd zp!r!tual

>(chain letter that ends up
>with a course).

01 rel!g!ouz course.
d!zkover! aua!tz. [juzt u]


01 rel!g!ouz !dee avec 01 d!!!!!!!!!p d!zkount.


egg m!tokondr!a = s!mpl!.SUPER!OR

d!ska skölj och torka

ever!dz!ng u!ch = !z = komerz!al = konz!ztz ov t!me.

nn - ua!t!ng

                                                 meeTz ver!f1kat!¯n.     
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