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> TEL: 234 1 759 1549; FAX: 234 1 759 0379.
>                    BUSINESS PROPOSAL
> My name is FIDELIS ALOYE, a member of the
> Presidential
> Task Force on Oil Spillage Clean-up. Early last year
> there was a major oil spillage in the Niger Delta
> Region of Nigeria which rendered over 70% of the
> communities homeless.The contract was handled by a
> foreign firm but because of the huge monetary profit
> we envisaged we decided to over-invoice the contract
> sum. 
> Now the contract has been completed and the original
> contractor has since been paid,but the contract
> balance of US$38 million,which resulted from the
> over
> invoiced contract sum that has been left in a
> suspense
> account with the CENTRAL BANK of NIGERIA,is what me
> and my partners are planning to take out of the
> country for ourselves.The problem is as government
> officials,we are not suppose to own fat bank
> accounts,talk less of having foreign ones.
> To this end, we are soliciting your assistance as a
> foreign partner who can assist us and receive this
> amount into your account. We are ready to share this
> money with you on the basis of participation. We
> also
> have plans to invest part of this money in any
> viable
> business in your country under your care,as we are
> nearing our retirement age. 
> In any case, I received a reference of
> you/organization from the Nigeria Chambers of
> Commerce
> and Industry ‘Foreign Trade Division’ as a reputable
> organ that can assist us on this transaction. Please
> if you accept my proposal do not hesitate to send me
> a
> fax on 234 1 759 0379 or send me an e-mail on:
> , so that I can provide you
> the basic procedures for the release of the fund. 
> It does not matter whether you or your company does
> contract project of the nature described here, the
> assumption is that you won a major contract and
> subcontracted it to another company, more often than
> not, big trading companies or individuals of
> unrelated
> field win major contracts here in Nigeria and
> subcontracts same to more specialized firms for
> execution. 
> BENEFIT: For providing the account where we shall
> remit this money, you will be entitled to 25% of the
> entire funds, 70% will be for me and my
> partners,while
> 5% has been set aside to cover any expenses that may
> be incurred by both parties during this transaction,
> both local and international. 
> Please I enjoin you to handle this transaction with
> utmost degree of maturity and confidentiality
> because
> I am still in active government service with the
> receive your response on time, this whole
> transaction
> could be accomplished within the shortest possible
> time based on your interest and determination,since
> the money is already in transit. 
> Please, try to call me up to confirm the receipt of
> your fax or e-mail.The lines may be busy,but keep
> trying till you get through. 
> Yours faithfully, 

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