Richard Rinehart on Wed, 20 Jun 2001 04:03:38 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-bold] From Now to Later, Love, Me (announcement)

Title: From Now to Later, Love, Me (announcement)
From Now to Later, Love, Me
[Postcards to the Future]

Traditional postcards communicate a succinct idea or sentiment from one point in space to another point, "Wish you were here", "I'll be back soon", "This place is beautiful", "Please send money". The Postcard format is emphatically about the communication between 2 places; location shots are the mainstay and the content of the message is necessarily brief and often colored with location and dislocation.

In this project, art students at the University of California Berkeley created personal multimedia postcards to the future. These postcards link two points in time, rather than two points in space, conveying some aspect of each artist's life - their frustrations, social context, ambitions, or whimsy - from now to later. These time-based multimedia postcards are also succinct (all 2 minutes or less, 250x300 pixels) requiring clear, focussed, or intentionally simplistic, even cartoonish, authorship that does not elaborate an idea, but rather compresses it for delivery across the time-field (or the Internet; whichever is slower). The messages are similarly colored by the format, conveying themes of location in or traversal of time.

We invite you to visit, browse the postcards, and send one to a friend as an e-card now.or later.

Richard Rinehart
Digital Media Director, Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive
Instructor, Department of Art Practice
University of California, Berkeley